The Argentine banknotes that you can sell for much more than their value
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There is also a 500 pesos modelwhich belongs to a series that began printing in 1975, and sells for a fortune.


This 500 Argentine peso bill began to be printed in 1975 and belongs to a series that ceased to be carried out several years ago. Had the image of General José Francisco de San Martín and with the appearance of the Austral in the ’80s it was discontinued.

$5 bills

The $5 bills that until not long ago circulated as common use went out of circulation this year, replaced by a coin.

Many people kept them as a souvenir, but they soon saw that there was a business behind them. And they started selling them online. As they are not rare, the offers are for a small amount, but considerably higher than their original value. They are offered from $500 to packs of various tickets for a total of $80,000.

Rare $1, $5 and $10 bills

But there are dozens of rare tickets available for anyone willing to pay. Another case is some curious papers of $5 and $10 Pesos National Currency that are close to 100 years old.

In the case of $5, the main characteristic is that it is “cancelled”. For that ticket they ask for $119,000. For another that does not have those curiosity, it is listed at $94,000.

5 pesos bill.jpg

Far beyond those prices is what they ask for a $10 one: it is offered at $500,000.

Closer in time, a $1 bill from the years 1972/1973 with the image of Manuel Belgrano sells for $100,000.

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