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The Argentine Episcopal Conference issued a statement in which they supported the efforts of the Pope Francisco to stop the war between Ukraine and Russiawhile affirming that the Supreme Pontiff suffers from a “unfair mistreatment“, especially in Argentina.

“The Lord is asking you that in these moments of the history of humanity you be his messenger of peace. We, who know you, know of your tireless courage and tenacity to work for the good and peace between Russia and Ukraine, and all over the world. And we know that you are close to those who suffer the violence of war and that you are willing to give up your skin if necessary, so that this and all wars end,” the bishops’ statement began.

And continued: “The unfair mistreatment of you and your mission hurts us, especially in our country, surely moved by power interests and even bad intentions that seek to tarnish your image and confuse our people. But you know well that this is the most precious and mysterious way that the Lord Jesus has of associating you with his redeeming Cross”.

Video: Pope Francis uses a wheelchair and has trouble walking due to his knee condition

Before concluding, they ratified their support for Jorge Bergoglio: “We would like you to feel very close to you in this trial, holding your arms that in persevering prayer ask the Father of all humanity for peace and justice.”

Pope Francis’s first time in a wheelchair

The Pope Francis used a wheelchair for the first time to enter the Paul VI Hall of the Vatican for the XXII Plenary Assembly of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG).

The image has already begun to travel the world after notifying that for a few weeks the Supreme Pontiff has very strong pain in the ligament of his right knee that prevents him from walking.

From the beginning, the suggestion of his personal doctors was that he not walk. In this way, in order not to cancel or postpone his agenda, he decided to use a wheelchair that is pushed by one of his assistants.

Pope Francis, with pain in one leg: “The doctor told me not to walk”

In the general audience that he held this Wednesday, the Pope again apologized to his faithful for not being able to approach and greet them, an act that had already occurred on other occasions.

His absence from various activities to undergo medical tests in recent weeks has generated great concern about his health and for this reason he confirmed that he will infiltrate to mitigate the pain and continue with the planned agenda.

In April, when he traveled to Malta, it was possible to observe for the first time how he needed an elevator to get off the plane, which already began to warn of the great ailments in his legs.

The doctors pointed out that the last option to be analyzed is the operationsince being an older person the risks in the operating room increase and you should also cancel your schedule for a long time.

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