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They arrested “Leila”, the Tinder scammer Argentina accused of stealing 4.5 million pesos to a 25-year-old who contacted through the application. However, the woman not only swindled the victim out of her, but also that she turned out to be policeman and girlfriend of a drug dealer.

The detainee is 27 years old and was identified as the non-commissioned officer Laila Micaela Rioswho was part of the body of the Santa Fe Police between 2016 and 2021, when she was implicated in a drug case, for which she was serving house arrest.

In this investigation, it was discovered that her real boyfriend is a man named Juan Pedro Calderón, a narco also accused of illegally selling weapons.

Social media opened up a whole new world of scams.

The millionaire scam

The complaint against the woman was filed in Chubut by a 25-year-old young man, who assured that “Leila”, his fictitious name that he used in the social network, managed to take a total of 4.5 million pesos from him between deception and lies.

As in a fictional plot, the young man explained that never got to see “Leila” in personsince, at the moment of meeting, she always had some excuse to postpone the appointment.

Leila Argentinian Tinder scammer g_20220326
Laila Micaela Ríos, the Argentinian Tinder scammer.

An Argentine went out with the “Tinder Scammer” and rejected him: “I’m surprised they believed him”

This scam went on for three years and the woman used the money to indulge in certain treats, such as a breast surgeryas the complainant could indicate.

However, the Tinder scammer was captured after hard and coordinated work between the Santa Fe and Chubut police. According to information from police spokesmen, investigators were able to determine that she, along with her boyfriend, planned to “blow up the prosecutor’s house.”

The “Tinder scammer” fell for the trick of the verified account and they stole 6 thousand euros

What’s more, it was discovered that Juan Pedro Calderón was part of the scam and worked with his girlfriend to manipulate more people by different means.

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