The Argentine Trains website is already working: how to buy tickets with a 40% discount
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During the season, will be offered 791,748 placesof which, to Mar del Plata will be 435,000; for Rosary, 97,000; to Junin, 88,000; to Divisadero de Pinamar, 51,000; to Bragado, 46,000; to Córdoba and Tucumán, 24,000; to Justo Daract, 13,000; already Pehuajó 10,000.

How to buy the tickets?

Users can purchase their tickets at Withdrawal, Constitution, Eleven and the intermediate stations either through the web (with a 10% discount). While the retired they have a 40% discount and people with Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) will travel no fee obtaining it through the official page of the company.



New: travel confirmation

For long-distance trips departing from the 1st of decemberpassengers must confirm the journey between 72 and 24 hours prior to the departure of the service. It is very important, since without this they will not be able to get on the train. Know how to do it entering here or by calling 0800-222-8736.

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General conditions

  • The ticket is valid only for the day and time of travel stipulated therein. The ticket must be kept by the passenger, and may be requested at any time during the trip by the guard or another authorized employee on the train and/or at the entrance/exit places on the platforms.
  • All passengers, without exception, must prove your identity with valid ID and/or passport when required, as it appears on the ticket.
  • Children under 14 years of age cannot travel alone. They must always do so accompanied by the father/mother or guardian, who must prove the relationship with the minor. They may also travel accompanied by an adult who is duly authorized by the person in charge of the child. You can download the authorization (affidavit) or request it at the ticket office when purchasing the ticket.
  • Minors between the ages of 14 and 17 may travel alone, as long as they have the authorization, provided by the company, endorsed by authorized personnel. You can download the authorization (affidavit) or request it at the ticket office when purchasing the ticket.
  • The retiree who purchases a discounted ticket must travel with documentation that accredits the bonus, otherwise it will be necessary to pay the difference.
  • Argentine Trains Operations is not responsible for luggage or personal effects carried by the passengers themselves on board the train.
  • We recommend passengers to show up 2 hours before of the service exit.

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  • Argentine Trains Operations will have the right to cancel the departure of a train due to fortuitous event or force majeure.
  • Argentine Trains Operations reserves the right of admission in the following cases:
  • People in a state of drunk or under the influence of drugs or narcotics. If necessary, public force may be used.
  • People who transport objects that disturb the rest of the passage: weapons or flammable substances or any other substance whose transport is prohibited in these conditions or in the National Railway Law.
  • People who have generated any kind of damage to property of Argentine Trains Operations.
  • In compliance with current laws it is not allowed to smoke on the trains.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Resolution 629/2012 of the CNRT The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on trains and/or stations.
  • It is not allowed to ascend to cars with food perishable, except those that, due to their moderate quantity, are for personal consumption during the trip.
  • Each passenger may carry in the car free of charge one handbag or handbagmore a bag or suitcase as baggage whose weight does not exceed 50kg and whose measurements do not exceed 75cm high, 45cm wide Y 30cm deep.

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