Rally Stream 2022

There will be 6 binomials from the city that will represent “La Dulce” in the second presentation of the specialty at the provincial level if we count the Binomial of La Tordilla Signorile – Signorile what will they do in CR 5 along with 35 other crews. Over there Emiliano Kap and Juan Manuel Pasera also compete. Also Víctor and Matías Mondino will be in the A 1 that says with 8 registered machines in which they are also Mario and Nicholas Bruno.

Juan María Arnoletto and Federico Durando that will last will be in the N2 that says with 20 participants while in Class N7 as local Germán Strumia together with Francisco Moldes and Jorge Chiavarini sailed by Emanuel Chiavarini. It is worth saying that in the highest category Pablo Casas will be Raúl Racca’s navigator with a Palio Maxi Rally.

Arroyito Rally 2022 (Arroyito Press/)

the competition starts Saturday at 3:15 p.m. when the pilots and their navigators go through the Start Ramp, then from 15:43 the first Special Test will be deputed in the Municipal Spa.

Sunday will start with the second special test in the speed section between Villa Concepción and Arroyito at 9:03in the afternoon repeats at 13:23. The special 3 is between Campo Martínez and La Frutilla from the 9:46 in the morning And from from 14:06 in the afternoon. The Special Test 4 is The curve to Step of the Orchestra the 10:19 and in the afternoon it repeats from 11:02.

In total the Camino Real Rally valid for the second date of Championship 40 years Heroes of Malvinas will have a journey of 88.79 kilometers in the speed sections or Special Tests, 175.46 kilometers of liaison, which makes a total of 264.25 kilometers for this Rally.

Another important fact is that the public will have access to Romero Park to watch the start from 2:00 p.m. To the Municipal Spa for the Super Special from 14:30. The roads will open for the admission to spectators at 7 in the morning, one hour before After the competitors pass, they are closed for circulation. On Sunday at 4:00 p.m., the award will be given to the city circuit, where the Parc Fermé also operates.

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