The assassins of the ax bloodshed were caught

The assassins of the May 5 Palestinian terrorist attack were captured in a forest near the town of Ros Haai, adjacent to the site of the assassination, Elad, who three Israeli passers-by were killed with an ax.

Teenagers and young people in their 20s

The assassins hid in Israeli territory and surrendered to Israeli security forces without resistance. They had not had access to water or food since the bloodshed, they were exhausted, and one of their hands was wounded.

As early as Friday morning, Israeli police released a photo of Assad Al-Rafai, a 19-year-old fleeing a terrorist attack, and Cabhi Abu Sakir, 20, who are residents of the village of Romana in the West Bank.

They are not affiliated with a terrorist organization

Terrorists apprehended in co-operation with Israeli police, the army and Sin Bet’s internal security organization have not found any links to terrorist organizations or any indication that they are suspected of being attacked.

In a wave of terror that began in late March, tensions between Israel and the Palestinians rose sharply over the terrorist attacks in Israel and the West Bank, in which 19 people lost their lives in Israel.

The Israeli army has stepped up its operations in the West Bank to curb the escalating violence, carrying out raids that have turned into armed clashes on several occasions, killing at least 27 Palestinians since mid-March. Many of them took part in the fighting, but there were also Palestinian civilians who died due to lost bullets, the MTI writes.

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