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The Austrians have stumbled: they are reopening a coal mine

The Austrians have stumbled: they are reopening a coal mine

After days of Russians threatening Europe’s largest economies to send fewer and fewer natural gas to the affected countries in response to the sixth oil embargo sanctions package following the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Austrian government has decided to shut down the country’s energy crisis on Sunday. using 80 percent of Russian natural gas so far. The Austrians complained that Gazprom had sent half of the quantity ordered in the previous four days due to technical problems. However, Vienna says it is clearly a political decision and they need to take long-term action.

That is why, among other things, the Austrian government has decided to restart the Styrian coal-fired power plant and to reopen the coal mine at Mellach, which was closed in 2020 for environmental reasons. THE Folk word The decision was ironically to be announced by determined environmentalist Leonora Gewessler, the energy minister, but stressed that with just one step, Russia’s gas dependency would be reduced to 70 percent.

In addition, the government has decided that the state will support the purchase of gas from non-Russian sources and the storage of stand-alone stocks with 100 million euros. Negotiations are underway with key energy companies to establish gas exchanges between them. Their names will not be made public because they are listed companies, and their actions would affect the development of exchange rates. There is also money to increase domestic gas production. But the minister also indicated that the population should also be prepared for austerity measures.

Austrian gas storage is currently 41.98 percent full, but 80 percent would be needed for a safe winter supply.

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