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The baby left alone was found on a vineyard

The baby left alone was found on a vineyard

On June 16, 2022, at 0:13 a.m., Croatian police officers informed their Hungarian colleagues that they were caring for a woman at a hospital in Osijek who had probably given birth to her child in Hungary the previous afternoon and then left her there.

Police successfully completed the investigation on the basis of information obtained with the help of Croatian counterparts, despite the fact that the 31-year-old woman of Croatian citizenship did not prove cooperative – she shared conflicting information with the police. The newborn was finally found on the vineyard hill of Márfa on the afternoon of June 16th.

Once found, the baby was cared for by a police officer who also had a medical qualification and was also involved in the research. After their arrival, ambulances took care of the child, who was then taken to hospital.

The Baranya County Police Headquarters ordered an investigation against the woman for attempted homicide.

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