One of the attacks in Antioquia.  (GettyImages).

The first day of the “armed strike” of the Gulf Clan in Colombia I leave dozens of violent acts.

After the extradition this week to the United States of alias Othnielthe criminal organization that the narco leader directed, the Clan del Golfo, retaliated and began an “armed strike” that will last four days.

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On the first day, around 100 incinerated vehicles, including trucks, buses, cars and motorcycles, were reported on different highways in the north of the country, according to the government.

The local press, for its part, shared images of municipalities in which graffiti alluding to the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), as the criminal organization is also known, appeared.

During the attacks known as “armed strikes”, criminal groups block roads, restrict free movement and send threatening messages that force the closure of commercial establishments and the suspension of classes in colleges and universities.

One of the attacks in Antioquia. (GettyImages).

In response to the events, the interior minister, diego molanoattended regional security councils in the most affected areas.

Molano revealed that Wilver Giraldo, alias ‘Sipoas’, and Jesús Ávila Villadiego, alias ‘Chiquito Malo’, assumed leadership of the criminal group after Otoniel’s capture in 2021.

Molano also announced that they have increased the reward for each of the leaders

The Gulf Clan -also called Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces, Los Urabeños or Clan Úsuga- is one of the main criminal organizations in Colombia. According to a report by the National Police and the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, it has a presence in 211 of the 1,103 municipalities in the country.

Its main leader has been Dario Antonio Usuga Davidaliases Othnielwho after being extradited to the US this week pleaded not guilty to a federal prosecutor in New York, waived bail and is expected to face a jury trial.

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