Jimmy, under the identity of Gene, seeks to contact Kim Wexler.

breaking bad, the latest chapter of Better Call Saul, left fans of the series intrigued about the conversation between Gene Takovic, current identity of Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), and Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), his ex-partner.

In one of the most commented scenes of episode 6×11, Takovic makes a phone call to Palm Coast Sprinklersthe business in California in which Kim is currently working after retiring from the law because of Howard’s murder.

Although in the original language version available on Netflix the conversation does not have audio, only the sound of cars passing by on the road is heard and Gene’s fury is seen increasing until it begins to hit the phone, a reddit user noticed that in the dubbed version for Germany some of the dialogue was included.

The audio shared on Reddit was taken down by moderators, but on youtube other users have replicated this supposed translation. The portal gamerevolution.com consigns this English translation of the German dubbing viralized on Reddit:

“You have no idea what I did or didn’t do, okay? You can only hang up on me once… Listen… Kim, why are you even talking to me about this! We’re both smart enough…”

Jimmy, under the identity of Gene, seeks to contact Kim Wexler.AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Regarding this scene from chapter 6×11 of Better Call SaulThomas Schnauz, its director and screenwriter, told The Hollywood Reporterwho did write dialogue for this scene, but decided not to put it in the episode because they thought Gene and Francesca’s (Tina Parker) call was enough, Jimmy McGill’s former secretary and Kim Wexler.

Schnauz also confirmed in Variety what in an upcoming episode will reveal the content of this call and why it sparked Gene’s fury.

“Yes, there is a scene written with that. What is actually said on the call will be addressed in a future episode. We will know some more details of what is being talked about. Since we had just received a very long phone call with Francesca and Gene, we wondered if we really wanted to stop by to listen to another long phone call. We thought it would be interesting not to hear the details about what he heard from Kim and save that for later. Something bothered him, we don’t know exactly what, but let’s see how he deals with that pain”, declared the writer.

In the last episodes, finally, there was the crossing with the universe of breaking bad Y the return of walter white and jesse pinkmanplayed by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul respectively, to the screen. Warning: this section contains spoilers.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman finally appeared in Better Call Soul
Walter White and Jesse Pinkman finally appeared in Better Call Soul

There was one event in particular that raised expectations even higher: before its premiere, it was announced that episode 11 of the sixth season would be called breaking bad. Specifically, the episode has two timelines. The first is located in the past, when Saul Goodman worked in Albuquerquewhile the other is located in the present, when operates in Nebraska under the name of Gene Takovic.

What is attractive is that not only is the meeting of the characters repeated, but something else is shown. In a first instance, the kidnapping of the lawyer by Walter and Jesse is remembered to legally help free trafficker Brandon Mayhew. Although the situation is already known by those who watched both series, unpublished scenes are included that relate to that episode of the second season of breaking bad.

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