The blue dollar at $312: the cocktail that triggers the parallel currency
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The Dolar blue opened this wednesday november 23 in $304.00 for purchase and $308.00 for sale with which the currency increased four pesos before noon and four when compared to Tuesday’s close.

So far this year, the informal dollar advance $106after closing 2021 in the $208. According to dollar today The blue dollar trades around 12:30 this Wednesday in $308 to buy and $312 to sellhowever, in some caves the US bill is listed for purchase above $312.

Blue dollar today: minute by minute of the price of this Wednesday, November 23

Is the exchange peace over?

“Some factors are combined, but, mainly the market has become more cautious because a clear horizon is still missing in economic matters and the measures that have been taken up to now since the current management seem to point to elongation to reach the next season registration of currency settlementas the first stop and then go through the election period”, he explained Andres Reschinifrom F2 Financial Solutions in statements to PROFILE.

In this context of the rebound of alternative dollars, it must be remembered that at today’s value, the US currency is close to $314 which was the highest value and occurred on July 28. “The signal given by the market is very strong through Treasury debt tenders and in the market with the debt instruments in pesos that it issues”, added Reschini.

Massa in crisis, saturated debt in pesos and spicy dollar

When asked why exchange rate stability ended, the analyst replied: “According to estimates, the central It has purchased approximately $295 billion of debt since October. This means that distrust grows again and has its correlate in the shot of alternative exchange rates.

“The every time more difficult access to the official market, forces many companies to acquire dollars Cash Cash with Liquid (CCL) if they want to stock up on imported inputs to stay alive,” he warned.

Qatar Dollar Effect

Reschini warns, in line with other analysts, that to the other factors mentioned above: “We must add the appearance of the qatar dollar which is around the $340 and press the other exchange rates to arbitrate towards that price”.

“Ultimately, the rise in the dollar is due to a cocktail of shortage of dollars, distrust and measures that only serve to buy time“, lament.

Global effect of Qatar on “small face” dollars

What to expect for the first month of 2023?

“The beginning of 2023 is going to be tough, without a doubt. Beyond transitory fluctuations, there are many pesos, falling activity and a lot of uncertainty. To the extent that this is not reversed, I do not see any change in trend ”, he concluded.

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