The blue dollar continues to rise and is selling at $224, its all-time high

The exchange tension does not loosen and the Dolar blue upload others four pesos this Wednesday. A) Yes, reaches $224 and touch again rated all-time high that I had scored last week. In the last two business days, the parallel currency added eight pesos.

The gap with respect to the official exchange rate, which had managed to pierce 80%, it widens again and reaches the 80.85%.

Among the reasons for the escalation, analysts pointed out:

  • The blue dollar had been lagging compared to financial quotes, which have been moving above $230 for several days.
  • The issuance of pesos and the payment of bonuses. This last point at the beginning of the month helps to slow down the price because the companies need pesos, but then it generates the reverse trend when the employees are paid and seek dollarization.
  • The difficulty that the Central Bank is showing to accumulate Bookings.
  • The political noise and the fear of more exchange traps, after the declarations of Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

As far as Junethe blue dollar rose $17 (8.2%) and went from lows of $205 in the first days of the month to peaks of $224 that were seen in the last few days.

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