Two of the three heads of the CGT, Héctor Daer and Carlos Acuña.  (Photo: NA)

In the midst of an escalation tension between the CGT and Kirchnerism about the probable application of a lump sum bonus, Paul Moyano defended the measure and fed the internal in the workers’ central.

“I don’t know why there are colleagues who reject the bonus, lump sum increase or whatever it is called”affirmed the deputy secretary of Truckers in allusion to the position of the leadership of the CGT, who informed the Serge Massa his outright disagreement.

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The brand new minister anticipated a call for next Thursday to representatives of the UIA and the CGT. The objective will be to evaluate “a mechanism that allows recovering income from workers in the private sector,” according to what he said, and to advance in a reformulation of the family allowance scheme.

The initiative did not go down well in the CGTwhose main leaders consider that a salary increase by decree would be a conditioning factor for their ability to negotiate jointly.

“You would have to ask them why they don’t want to. They will have their reasons,” said Moyano. And he continued: “I am not going to prevent a worker who has a low salary from collecting a bonus, a fixed sum or whatever. Anything that is an extra income, beyond parity, is important in a situation like the current one”.

In dialogue with AM750the union leader referred to the rise in inflation, estimated at 90% by the end of the year, according to private analysts. “It’s crazy. There are guilds that will be able to tie it, those with a more important firepower will overcome it, and others will not get there”he indicated.

In that sense, he defended the call announced by Massa: “What is going to be discussed next week is important.”

Two of the three heads of the CGT, Héctor Daer and Carlos Acuña (Photo: NA).

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Following the line of praise for Massa, Moyano considered that the landing of the leader of the Renovador Front in the Cabinet “generates expectations not only in the markets, but in the workers.” And he went further: “If he does well, surely his chances of being President will grow a lot.”

The union leader ratified the march on August 17 and mentioned that the protest will be “against the businessmen who highlight, so that they think twice before increasing prices.”

Grabois, Independiente and the escrache he suffered in the Casa Rosada

Moyano also remarked that he will make “an effort” so that John Grabois do not leave the Front of All. “Hopefully he can sit at a table with Sergio (Massa). His claims are legitimate,” he said.

As to Independent, confirmed that his father Hugo will finish his mandate on October 2. “I retired a year and a half ago. Within the ruling party, a candidate is going to emerge”he pointed.

"We are going to make an effort so that Grabois does not leave"Moiano said.  (Photo: Daniel Raichijk)
“We are going to make an effort so that Grabois does not leave,” Moyano said. (Photo: Daniel Raichijk)

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“We are going to leave a modernized club, one of the best stadiums in Argentina and first class venues. There are debts that are payable with the sale of a player”, was his analysis of the difficult institutional and sports present that the institution is experiencing.

In the end, he disqualified with insults the escrache he suffered on Wednesday on his arrival at the Casa Rosada for the assumption of Sergio Massa: “It was three old chotas and an old idiot with a megaphone.”

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