The boy transplanted for a case of hepatitis in Rosario "evolves favorably"

“For now, everything went as planned in the surgery. The boy has been improving hour by hour. Likewise, the transplant takes less than 24 hours and he continues to be a critical case that must be closely followed.”Bitetti explained.

For her part, Roxana, the child’s mother, assured that she is “very calm”, after learning that the minor spent the night in good condition and that he remains “stable” according to the part provided by the medical team this afternoon.

In that sense, the woman pointed out that “yesterday I was devastated, but now I am very calm.”

The patient’s mother made her statements at the door of the Children’s Sanatorium, located in downtown Rosario, where the operation was successfully performed last night.

In the first instance, the doctors asked to wait to see how the patient evolved, who finally spent the night normally and his condition is currently “stable”.

Later, the woman pointed out that she is “super happy with the doctors and the donor’s family, because it was a very complicated situation and they saved my baby’s life.”

The donated organ arrived yesterday by helicopter from La Pampa and an immediate intervention was carried out.

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“It was a miracle”said the child’s mother about the arrival of the donated liver after different family members underwent studies for the same purpose, although these yielded negative results.

“My husband had done the tests to donate and he couldn’t because he has fatty liver, my nephew couldn’t either because he has an artery inside the liver. When my son’s aunts were doing the tests, this possibility appeared. A miracle”Roxana concluded.

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