The Breaking Dawn operation continued to get rougher

From Friday evening to Saturday evening, more than 350 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, including Tel Aviv, while the Israeli army continued to attack Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip.

In the afternoon, a rocket hit a house in Szderot, but the residents were in the shelter and only material damage was caused. The Iron Dome air defense system intercepted projectiles aimed at Israel with 95 percent success, and 94 rockets landed in the Gaza Strip.

The Iron Dome system, which was put into operation only against projectiles about to hit populated areas, recorded about 160 successful anti-missile launches. One person was slightly injured when a rocket hit a kibbutz near a dairy farm in the Eskol region. Two soldiers who tried to defuse an unexploded grenade were slightly wounded by shrapnel.

So far, 15 residents of the Gaza Strip have lost their lives and more than 125 have been injured in Israeli attacks, according to the Maárív newspaper. Israel carried out new airstrikes on Saturday targeting Islamic Jihad militants and weapons caches hidden in residential areas.

Hamas, the largest Palestinian Islamist organization that controls the area, is still not involved in the fighting.

This is the operation against Islamic Jihad, clearly our focus is on Islamic Jihad. Hamas was never part of the picture. Hamas also wisely decided not to get involved

said General Nimrod Aloni, commander of the Gaza Division.

A special situation was announced

Egypt announced intensive negotiations to restore calm. Further escalation of the situation depends largely on whether Hamas joins the militant Islamic Jihad. Prime Minister Yair Lapid held a meeting with military leaders at the headquarters of the Israeli army in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening about the developments so far in Operation Dawn, which began on Friday evening, his office announced.

On Friday afternoon, after more than a year of relative calm, Israel launched an operation called Dawn Break in the Gaza Strip against Islamic Jihad, because the terrorist organization had threatened to retaliate for several days after the arrest this week of one of its senior West Bank officials, Bassam al-Saadi. In the last four days, Israel has closed roads in areas close to the zone due to the threats and declared a “special situation” with precautionary rules for the local civilian population, reports MTI.

We previously reported that Juventus, a member of the Italian football league, decided on Saturday not to travel to Israel for security reasons due to the rocket attacks, where it would have played a warm-up match against Atlético Madrid on Sunday.

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