The Venezuelan cargo plane that was immobilized after landing at the Ezeiza airport (Photo: courtesy Sebastián Borsero -

The session of Chamber of Deputies It aroused tension in Congress. The case of the suspicious plane held in Ezeiza with Iranian and Venezuelan crew members exploded in the compound and there were strong crosses between the ruling party and the opposition, who demanded that half a dozen national ministers appear to give explanations. The Front of All blocked the opposition move.

Although the session had been convened for 11, it began just after noon. After a series of tributes, the deputies of Together for Change raised deviations from the regulation and criticized the Government actions before and after the arrival of the plane of the Venezuelan company Conviasa. The aircraft was able to enter, leave and re-enter Argentina without problems, until the Justice stopped it only after a complaint from the PRO deputy, Gerardo Milman.

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The blocks of the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition, which make up Together for Change, raised a dozen requests in the Chamber of Deputies and demanded the interpellation in the Parliament of the chief of staff, John ManzurThe chancellor santiago cafieroand the security ministers, Hannibal Fernandez; indoor, Peter’s Wado; defense, Jorge Taianaand Transportation, alexis warriorand the owner of the AFI, Agustin Rossi.

The Venezuelan cargo plane that was immobilized after landing at the Ezeiza airport (Photo: courtesy Sebastián Borsero –

In addition, led by Milman, from the PRO they asked the Foreign Ministry to reveal what information it received from the Government of Paraguay, before the plane arrived in the country, while the Civic Coalition, led by Juan Manuel López, presented a letter demanding that Cafiero ask for explanations from the Venezuelan charge d’affaires in Buenos Aires.

The vote to deviate from the agenda and be able to deal with the interpellation of the officials and the requests for reports concluded with 104 positive votes and 114 negative votes. The opposition needed three-quarters of the House votes to approve it, and they already knew beforehand that they would not succeed. But the play is over shouting and and in an exchange of serious accusations between the Front of All and Together for Change.

Strong crosses between the ruling party and the opposition in the case of the suspicious plane: “My last name is Milman, not Nisman”

The proposals of the opposition were led, in addition to by Gerard Milan Y John Manuel Lopez by the head of the UCR block, mario nigriwho was the first to speak.

The case of the plane generated crosses and shouts in the middle of the session of Deputies:

“We want to know what have been the real reasons for the presence of a crew of 19 memberson a plane of Iranian origin registered in Venezuela, which now belongs to a Venezuelan state company and which has some crew members suspected of having association with an organization terrorist from Iran,” Negri said.

The radical deputy added: “This is a serious fact. In ’92 we had a terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassyin ’94 in the AMIA, with 85 deaths. In 2007 Anthony Wilson He brought a suitcase with money contributing to an electoral campaign. In 2013 we finished with the Pact with Iran and as a consequence, in 2015, the death of a prosecutor”. He thus referred to Alberto Nismanshot dead in the head after denouncing the memorandum with Iran.

“It is necessary that the chancellor (Cafiero) appears, that he no longer hides. It is necessary for him to come and tell us if Argentina has security or we are naked”, launched Negri, in a furious speech.

The case of the plane generated crosses and shouts in the middle of the session of Deputies:

Gerardo Milman followed him, who asked the ministers to “stop talking on television and come to give explanations accordingly”, and charged Aníbal Fernández: “The Security Minister says there was no impediment. doDoes anyone believe that when we had the attacks on the AMIA and the Israeli embassy, ​​those who carried out this catastrophe had a red alert? Did they have an impediment? They had nothing. That is why what happened happened, the impediments are not enough, that is what Intelligence is for, ”he said.

“Since it is a matter of national security and since there is a history, I only tell you that My last name is Milman, not Nisman.”, he concluded

The head of the CC bloc, Juan Manuel López, joined the criticism of his coalition partners and once again demanded that Cafiero summon the Venezuelan ambassador in Buenos Aires, Stella Lugo Betancourt, to give explanations. “He knows well about planes, drug trafficking, smuggling and Iran”he expressed.

The case of the plane generated crosses and shouts in the middle of the session of Deputies:

“We have a President who intends to be the gateway to Russia and what we are is the Iran gateway with Venezuelan cover and that is dangerous for our security”, fired the deputy of the Civic Coalition.

The ruling party accused the opposition of making a “media show” and linked the plane with the opposition

In justifying the rejection of the ruling party, the president of the Frente de Todos bloc, German Martinezquestioned those requests and accused the opposition of trying to mount “an absolutely mediatic show with the purpose of wearing down our Government once again”. The pro-government deputy affirmed that the state agencies that intervened in the operations “did what they had to do.”

“The truth is that the situation is clear. What flight was being done, for what company was it being done andhe owner of that company is a friend of which political leader of Argentina is”, launched Martinez.

The deputy made reference to the tobacco company owned by the former Paraguayan president Horace Carteswho has a good political relationship with the former president Mauricio Macri. The Venezuelan plane declared that it was carrying a shipment of Tabacalera del Este SA (TABESA) cigarettes.

The case of the plane generated crosses and shouts in the middle of the session of Deputies:

Martinez’s speech was interrupted several times by shouts from across the room. Sergio Massa targeted two PRO legislators, Hernan Lombardi and Fernando Iglesias.

Deputy Lombardi, locate yourself, locate yourself”, Massa said, before raising the tone again against his colleague: “Can you keep your mouth shut, deputy? Do not force me to apply the regulation. Then shut up mouthShut your mouth, deputy Iglesias, respect is also listening, not just talking”.

In that climate, the precinct voted and the ruling party blocked opposition requests.


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