The celebration of the Virgin of Luján did not go unnoticed in Pérez

This Sunday, the fFestival of the Virgin of Luján It did not go unnoticed in our city, despite the fact that its celebration is moved to Monday. A procession through the Talleres neighborhood with the image of Our Lady and the new fire engine acquired by the Firefighters was also present to accompany her.

After the celebration of the Holy Mass, the procession through the neighborhood was carried out. The faithful accompanied the image praying and singing. Many neighbors decorated their houses to honor the passage of the Virgin Mary under the patronage of the Virgin of Luján, or Our Lady of Luján, Patron Saint of Argentina.

The celebration of the Virgin of Luján did not go unnoticed in Pérez (Mariel Díaz /)

In the year 1630a Portuguese called Antonio Faria who lived in Sumampa, jurisdiction of Córdoba del Tucumán (Argentina), asked a compatriot of his who lived in Brazil, an image of the Immaculate Conception of Marybecause he wanted to worship her in the chapel he was building on his land.

the friend sent two statuettes so that Don Antonio could choose one of them: one was the Immaculate Conception and another represented the Mother of God with the child Jesus in her arms. Both images were placed in boxes and shipped on a cart along with other items. Near the Luján River, in Buenos Aires, and after three days of travel, those in charge of transporting the cargo decided to spend the night at the Estancia de Rosendo de Trigueros.

The Virgin who wanted to stay

The next day, the oxen could not drag the cargo anymore and all the attempts made by those in charge to move the animals were useless, until one of them decided to get one of the boxes off the cart, but that did not work either. The men raised the box again and tried lowering the other one, which to everyone’s surprise, the cart finally moved. The Immaculate Virgin did not want to leave that place and stayed at Don Rosendo’s housewhere the family welcomed her with joy.

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