The CGT supported the claim and did not rule out forceful measures

quickly, The CGT accompanied the request of Sergio Massa to Martín Guzmán to modify the ceilings for the payment of Income Tax. The workers’ union highlighted, in a statement, that the issue is part of its agenda in the midst of the reopening of joint ventures.

“We have been working since the beginning of the current round of parity, which continues to develop, so that the salaries obtained at the negotiating tables are not affected by the incidence of the tax and the values ​​on which the workers are taxed are updated” , can be read in the first lines of the text that bears the signature of Hector Daer, Carlos Acuna, Pablo Moyanothe general secretaries, and Jorge Sola, press secretary.

There was no shortage of praise for the Casa Rosada, which, for the union group, faced a “salary policy of recovery and growth of the real value of workers’ salaries as a central objective of economic policy and in this sense we understand that modifying the amounts is an act of strict social justice”.

The Azopardo plant also remarked that it will continue “striving for the growth of the real value of wages as a determining instrument in the redistribution of wealth, and therefore we ask for the prompt modification of salary caps on which workers tax profits”.

This support for the claim of the head of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation saw the light in the day in which Carlos Acuña did not rule out forceful measures against those businessmen “who raise prices.” For this reason, he warned that “if necessary, some forceful measures will be taken against businessmen, because it cannot continue like this.”

Then before The uncovering, recognized that inflation is an issue that requires greater efforts on the part of the Casa Rosada: “The numbers are bad and hopefully they will tend to go down soon. But this inflation is generated by those who do not want any government. How do we control prices from the CGT? That has to be State policies combined by the economic sectors”, he indicated.

And he added: “But how is it? Entrepreneurs commit and then do nothing. And are we the bad guys in the movie? We say that if necessary, some forceful measure will be taken against the businessmen.”

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