The Chaqueño Palavecino and his bad moment on the boards.

It all started with a show that was giving the Chaco Palavecino at the Club Atlético Vaqueros which is located in jump and that ended very badly. The singer got angryspoke to his audience, announced he was leaving and he threw the microphone in fury. Then came the repercussions, the videos, the memes and now a release from the singer who stated that he felt “upset and hurt”.

In the stories of Instagram and in the third person, the disclaimer could be read: “The Chaqueño Palavecino felt upset and hurt by what happened in the” Serenade: Cowboys sing to Güemes “, a well-known festival in the area that takes place in the town also called Cowboys.

His anger had to do with his place within the show. It is that the organization asked him to play at the closing of the festival. And so at 5 in the morning Palavecino was able to go upstairs to sing.

The Chaco Palavecino.

“In this case, the festival organization asked him to do the closing. Y despite the fact that the performance was requested to be earlierthe organization insisted that he carry out the closing”, reads the message that follows: “So much so that, at 5 in the morning, he went on stage, and after only a little more than an hour of performance, they asked him to cut his performance.”

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El Chaqueño explained that in this situation he asked to sing three more songs that were not granted to him. “It being 6:15, police personnel went up to tell him to stop singing and cut the show, which clearly motivated the annoyance and anger of the artist, since his performance had not finished and the large number of public that attended and remained despite the hour and the low temperature asked that even acting “, it was detailed in the text of the discharge. To close and in the same message they published that “they regret what happened.”

A viral rage

It was indeed 5 in the morning when the Chaqueño took the stage in this town that is just over 10 kilometers from the capital of Salta. His turn came after outstanding presentations such as those of Jorge Rojas, the Ahyre group and Franco Barrionuevo. However, Palavecino was the figure of the night.

It happened that in the previous presentations were delayed. So El Chaqueño was able to sing for less than an hour. The local police took the stage to ask him to finish his presentation, which generated the singer’s anger.

Sorry everyone, I’m leaving. The policeman won. If you want to see me somewhere, I’m not going back to Cowboys anymore. Go somewhere else”, he clarified and remarked: “They send them to cut me. I am not a criminal. Let them catch all the cats. I am a town”.

He then dropped the microphone and left. The stage lights went out and the audience had to leave. Not without first sharing the videos of what happened that soon went viral on the networks.


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