The choirs of the School of Music and the ICL offer a concert with 85 voices in León Cathedral

León, Guanajuato.- The Chamber Choir of the León School of Music and the Choir of the León Cultural Institute presented a concert of 85 voices at the Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral.

The concert, which was directed by maestro Ulises Gutiérrez, director of the choir of the Cultural Institute of León, consisted of two periods and began with the participation of the León School of Music choir, who performed a cappella a repertoire of sacred music, mostly prayers and Aves María that were from the polyphonal of the 17th century, passing through the Ave María by Joaquín Rodrigo, author of the Aranjuez Concert.

After some performances, they were joined by the Choir of the Cultural Institute of León, who continued with sacred music, including a piece in German called Maria durch ein Dornwald ging, among other Marian songs until they reached the hymn to the Blessed Mother of Light.

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During this first part, the 300th anniversary of the painting of the image of the Blessed Mother of Light was commemorated.

In the second half, the choirs together performed two popular music themes, one of them was ‘La Pájara Pinta’ and they closed with Huapango de Moncayo, an arrangement that maestro David Arontes made for four voices, a mixed choir and piano for four hands. Julio Padilla Prado and Ulises Gutiérrez were on piano, it should be noted that this was one of the two pieces that were accompanied with piano music since the rest was a cappella.

The Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral showed off at more than 80% of its capacity and the attendees left satisfied with the presentation.

León School of Music Choir

It was created in 2016, In its beginnings, it was made up only of students from the singing workshop, but due to the demand and request for admission, it is currently made up of students of different levels from the Music School of León, it is directed by the teacher Ulises Gutiérrez and has been presented in different cultural scenes.

Choir of the Cultural Institute of León

It was formed in May 2004 under the direction of maestro Moisés Mata Piña, it has been presented at the Chapultepec Castle and at the Cervantino International Festival.

The School has become a training and cultural extension space for music students due to the inclusion of choral ensembles within the program.

It has been presented continuously in programs such as Vive La Pasión, Festival de la muerte and the León National Book Fair, in La Salle and in the International Festival of Contemporary Art.

Ulises Gutiérrez, director of Choirs of the Cultural Institute of León

Originally from León, Guanajuato, he has studied piano improvement and technique at the music department of the University of Guanajuato with maestro Alfonso Pérez Cruz and on organ with maestro Rodolfo Ponce Montero.

He is currently director and coordinator of the Choirs of the Cultural Institute of León, organist at the Metropolitan Cathedral of León, pianist and trainer of the Children’s Choir of the “Coros del Valle de Señora Foundation” and professor at the León School of Music and the Music Department. from the University of Guanajuato.

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