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Tristan Azbej also voiced that: he is particularly happy that the mayor of the city, György Szelezsán, was at the head of the initiative. The vice-president of the KDNP also explained that he is always happy to come to Békés County, since thanks to his wife from Nagyszénas, he is connected to the region in several ways, writes the And he came to Elekre with even more joy than usual, as the local member organization of the KDNP will be re-established, he added.

The Christian Democratic People’s Party carries on a very old and important tradition, and it is currently the parliamentary party with the longest history in the Hungarian Parliament – he emphasized, adding: the party’s vocation is to represent the teachings of the Bible in everyday life.

And although Christian people seek peace instead of struggle, the KDNP had to participate in many conflicts throughout its history.

This is the case even now, because there are still enemies of Christianity, Christian ideas and Christian people

he highlighted.

To the east and south of us, in Asia and Africa, Christians are being persecuted by terrorist organizations, and to the west they are trying to push them out of public spaces and public life. So, while Christian civilization is facing a humanitarian crisis in the East, it is suffering from an identity crisis in the West

he added. In contrast, Hungary has had a stable Christian Democratic government for 12 years, which is possible because the Hungarian people agree with the ideals of Christianity. They gathered today for a festive event, as the local organization of a historic party could be re-established, said György Szelezsán, the mayor of the city.

According to him, several people from the local public life approached him, encouraging him and indicating that it would be good to re-establish the local KDNP organization. Their goal is to create a real, exemplary, good Christian, patriotic and local patriotic community in Elek, he emphasized.