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According to the statement sent to MTI, on the weekend of November 19-20, the contractor’s specialists dug up the asphalt of the temporary roundabout created in May last year in connection with the renovation of the Chain Bridge and restored the route of the previously known “big” roundabout. reconstruction.

They added: depending on the weather, the top layer of asphalt wear will be applied on the weekend of November 26-27, when the square will be temporarily closed again from passing traffic due to road construction work. At that time, the pavement markings are also painted on the road.

The humus required for the formation of the flower bed is continuously brought into the center of the square, where, in addition to the grass, the first plants suitable for winter weather will also be replanted by mid-December, they wrote.

The renovations will last until next fall

According to BKK, the renovation of the Chain Bridge is still progressing according to the schedule and within the budget. It was announced: the contractor’s specialists completely dismantled the scaffolding surrounding the Pest pylon and started installing the renewed lighting fixtures, the candelabra suspended under the Pest and Buda gates have already been replaced.

The “decoration” of the bridge will soon be continued with the placement of the Pest side and riverside candelabras, and then with the reconstruction of the Pest railings and shore lamps.

The BKK reminded in its announcement that the renovation of the Chain Bridge will continue, among other things, with the renovation of the sidewalks and the reconstruction of the historical elements. The renovation, which began in the spring of 2021, is scheduled to last until the fall of 2023.

We already had the test load

As previously reported by Index, a test load was carried out on the Chain Bridge on November 12, in which 24 twenty-ton trucks participated. In the static and dynamic test load, the specialists measured the deformations caused in the structure of the Chain Bridge if 20-tonne trucks are parked at specific points.

They were also curious about how the crossing behaves when a heavy vehicle passes through it at 5, 20 and 30 kilometers per hour, as well as at the highest speed that can be safely reached by a truck. The test load was ultimately successful.

Mayor Gergely Karácsony announced last week that from mid-December BKK buses, taxis and cyclists will be able to use the The completed road on the chain bridge.

“In the year and a half of the renovation that has passed so far, the traffic in the city has gotten used to having to do without the Chain Bridge, the traffic on the neighboring bridges has hardly changed to a noticeable degree. THE chain Bridge instead of the congestion caused by its narrow capacity, it’s time to try out what it’s like if the Chain Bridge is a fast and reliable connection between Buda and Pest,” said the city manager.