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The incident took place on Wednesday evening in the Elba Philharmonic concert hall in Hamburg: two activists of the group Utolsó Nemzedék appeared a few seconds before the start of the concert, jumped into the conductor’s place, and then began a short speech. In their speech, they tried to draw the audience’s attention to the dangers of the climate catastrophe, and

they called for resistance against the German government’s indecisive climate policy.

The audience tried to get them to leave by shouting. The activists left the scene after the short speech and posted a video recording of the event on the Internet.

In its statement on Thursday, the foundation of the Berlin Philharmonic also mentioned how it could prevent similar cases in its own concert hall; they also contacted the representative of the security company providing the location in order to clarify the case.

When asked by the dpa news agency, the spokesperson of the security company said: they told the foundation that they would learn the lessons of the unexpected disorder and consider what precautions they could take, but added: “similar provocations could only be prevented with disproportionate security measures.”

Utolsó Nemzedék is one of the organizations that, as a protest against human activity causing climate change, committed various civil disobedience actions in several European countries: they poured paintings with various materials in large museums and then glued themselves to the picture frames or the wall.

Traffic was stopped at Berlin airport

On Thursday, also due to a protest action by climate activists, traffic at the Berlin International Airport was temporarily stopped. According to the airport’s statement, traffic was stopped on both runways “due to the unauthorized entry of several persons”.

The international airport of the German capital and the surrounding state of Brandenburg was also paralyzed by the climate protection group called Last Generation. Several of their activists attached themselves to the surface of the field with instant glue, one of them recorded the action, MTI reported, referring to the regional public service media company Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB).

The first activists entered the airport around 4 p.m., cutting through the fence protecting the area. According to the airport, traffic was restarted around 6 p.m.