Municipal Concentrator Market

Under Secretary for Economic Development Gustavo Ventura highlighted “the great turnout of people we had the day Thursday in the Concentrator Market that operated simultaneously in former ASDU in Andorra last day and at the Cultural Center Esther Fadul, where the neighbors were able to take advantage of the promotional prices on cuts of meat, fish and frozen foods and fruits and vegetables. In addition, the discounts offered by the +U Card”.

Municipal Concentrator Market (Press /)

Among the offers with the +U Card are the following promotions:

Cuts of meat: Asado / Vacio / Matambre / Steaks / Buttocks ($990 kilo).

Loin Ball / Square / Quadril / Roast Tapa / Buttock Tapa ($890 kilo)

Municipal Concentrator Market

Municipal Concentrator Market (Press /)

Super offer:

American Ancho / Marucha / Picada Especial / Roast Beef ($790 kilo)

Assorted stew ($ 2500 4 kilos)

Fish and Frozen: Hake ($750 kilo)

Squid ($700 kilo)

Hake Milanesa ($850 kilo)

Soy Burger with Spinach ($500 kilo)

Hake Burger with Spinach and Mozzarella ($550 kilo)

Hake Burger ($500 kilo)

Offer of Greengrocery and Greengrocer

Fruits and Vegetables for 15 Kilos at $1500.

Municipal Concentrator Market

Municipal Concentrator Market (Press /)


The Market also has a delivery throughout the city for $350 and it works from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Concentrator Market

Concentrator Market (Press Us/)

To request the shipment, contact the following telephone numbers:

For cuts of meat, contact the Telephone: 2901554499

For Fish and frozen, contact the Telephone: 2901306167

For Fruits and Vegetables, contact the Telephone: 2901482123

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