The contract for the resurfacing of National Route 33, between Zavalla and Pujato, was signed

What result of the different efforts carried out by the commune of Pujato with the government of the Province and the Nation, on April 29, the general administrator of National Roads, Gustavo Arrieta, signed the contract With the signature construction company Nestor Julio Guerechet SA, for the resurfacing of the National Route No. 33, between Zavalla and Pujato, for an amount of 492,110,500 pesos.

Daniel Quacquarini, community president of Pujato, maintained a meeting with the head of District No. 7, Fabio Sánchez of national roads-Santa Fe, who had committed to tender 14 km of national route 33 corresponding to the town of bid. In a few days these works will start running.

The contract was signed for the resurfacing of National Route 33, between Zavalla and Pujato (Vialidad Nacional/)

The stipulated execution period is eight months and it is contemplated in the specifications the interventions between the kilometers 754 and 768the urban crossings of both localities, the milling of deformations of the road, deep potholes and finally the complete resurfacing of the fourteen kilometers benefited.

In addition, the interchange with National Route No. A012 will be recovered, with similar improvements. The entire journey will be completed with the underpinning and compaction of shouldersnext to the horizontal demarcation of the edge and axis lines of the route.

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