The contract was extended by the captain of the Hungarian men's basketball team

The national team’s press conference was held in Kecskemét, where the Hungarians will play a warm-up match against the European Championship co-organizer Georgia from 6 p.m. At the event – which was reported by MTI – Ferenc Szalay, the president of the association, announced that the mandate of Sztojan Ivkovics runs until 2025.

His attitude and results show that Hungarian basketball is in good hands. The mentality and habits of the national team captain determine the national team, let the man fight, take the floor, and this team is capable of that. In the last 50 years, we have not been to two consecutive European Championships

– stated the president of the association, who added: they are in a difficult situation from the point of view that handball, water polo and football are very popular here, but basketball is only preceded by the popularity of football at the world level, it is played in countless countries. They want to favor young people with the supply rule.

“The goal is for players like Ádám Hanga to grow up,” Ferenc Szalay added.

Sztojan Ivkovics announced that they are in the third round of the World Cup qualifiers for the second time, which is also important because there will be Olympic qualifiers next summer. “It’s going to be an interesting and exciting summer, the team has ten years of work behind it, we’re enjoying the time we spend together,” said the head coach, adding that more NBA players than ever before will participate in the European Championship, and it will be a great experience to play in this field.

After a long break, Ádám Hanga returns to the field at home

Ádám Hanga, who is playing again in the national team after six years, was the first to talk about the fact that he can boast of a long and successful career, but he is rarely given the opportunity to be available to the national team.

It’s been a very long wait for these six years, I’m glad I can finally be here. Overall, the professional management put together a great program, the guys have done an extremely good job so far. At the 2017 European Championship, we fought to reach the top 16, this time we were placed in a very tough group, but this is still our goal. We have a month, they will be tough opponents, but we will try to give our best and we hope many people will accompany us to Cologne

explained the Spanish champion with Real Madrid in June. Team manager Péter Horváth emphasized that the Hungarians only played one of the six European qualifiers here at home, so they managed to qualify, which was a feat.

(Cover photo: Sztojan Ivkovics on February 24, 2022. Photo: Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI)

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