The great controversy of Fortaleza-River.  (Photo: video capture)

On a great Franco Armani night, River took a 1-1 tie from the court of Fortress and was one step away from qualifying for the round of 16 of the Libertadores Cup. In a very tough duel, there was also room for controversy: about the end, the Brazilians they demanded a penalty from David Martínez to Renato Kayser.

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The play began after the local striker recovered the ball in attack. When he was about to enter the area, the Millionaire’s defender jumped on him and rests his shoulder on his rival’s back: it was an infraction.

The big question is whether the Uruguayan referee Esteban Ostojich should have sanctioned free or penalty kick. The foul starts outside the area and, still on repeat It is not clear if it ends inside.

The great controversy of Fortaleza-River. (Photo: video capture)

When in doubt -and without VAR-, it is correct that the maximum penalty is not sanctioned. The curious thing was that he interpreted the movement of the River player as lawful. He didn’t even charge a foul outside the box.

The Argentine striker Silvio Romerowho started at the venue and had been replaced, was expelled for protesting.

The tie between River and Fortaleza in Brazil for the Copa Libertadores

River Plate tied 1-1 with brazil fortressas a visitor, in a very brave game of Libertadores Cup. The great figure of the match, in fact, was its goalkeeper, Frank Armaniwho managed to maintain equality in several difficult moments.

River wanted to win to seal their classification to the round of 16 this Thursday, but they have to wait. He still has two more games to play and, if everything goes this way, it seems like a matter of time to confirm his ticket to the next instance. It’s one step away.

Gallardo’s team is the undefeated leader of Group F, now with ten points. The goals of this match were scored by the Argentine Silvio Romero for the venue and Enzo Fernandezfrom the 12 steps, for the visit.

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