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The purpose of the PROFI-T-ABILITY logistics board game created by the Logistics Managers’ Club of the Large Companies (NLV Club) is to create a connection between high school students, large companies and educational institutions, thus helping the students’ career orientation. The NLV Club, which launched the competition, has more than 150 members, including managers of manufacturing companies and large multinational corporations, as well as managers of logistics, storage and supply chains.

In 2021, during the COVID epidemic, the development of the PROFI-T-ABILITY game began, which took its final form this fall. According to their press release, after that, they started organizing competitions in the big cities of eight regions – Debrecen, Pécs, Győr, Székesfehérvár, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Budapest and Vác – with the involvement of Vocational Training Centers. A total of 192 students competed in these, and the three best from each region made it to the finals of the national championship.

The game basically develops financial, strategic and logical skills and presents a slice of logistics based on real life. During the game, you have to use 3D printed trucks to transport goods between warehouses, but the value of the goods can constantly change, just like in real market conditions. The goal is for the player to shape his strategy in such a way that he can position himself against his competitors and make as much profit as possible.

Among others, large companies such as Magyar Posta Zrt, Unilever Hungary Kft, Chep Magyarország Kft, SEWS Komponens és Elektronika Európa Kft., OrbicoHungary Kft., Ghibli Kft., Leax Hungary Kft., Timocom participated in the event as sponsors. GmbH and Gyermelyi Kft – said Levente Szász, secretary general of the NLV Club.

The winner of the championship was Dániel Réti from the Budapest Economic Vocational Training Center Belvárosi Technikum, who won the grand prize of HUF 125,000 for himself and his school. Bálint Balázs from the Ferenc Szász Commercial Technical School of the Budapest Economic Vocational Training Center took second place, and Márk Bakonyi from the János Vajda Technical School of the Székesfehérvár Vocational Training Center took third place.