The couple in India who sued their son for not giving them grandchildren

A couple is suing their son in court for not giving them a grandson despite being married six years ago.

Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad, aged 61 and 57 respectively and residents of the state of Uttarakhand (north of India), state that they spent all their savings educating their son, paying for his pilot training as well as paying for a luxury wedding.

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Now they are demanding compensation for almost US$650,000, if a grandchild is not born to them within the next year.

The highly unusual lawsuit is based on the argument that would-be grandparents have suffered “mental suffering.”

Sanjeev Prasad says he spent all his savings on his son, sending him to the United States in 2006 for pilot training that cost $65,000.

The son returned to India in 2007, but lost his job for which his family had to support him for more than two years, according to reports. The Times of India.

Shrey Sagar, 35, finally landed a job as a pilot. His parents say they arranged his marriage to Shubhangi Sinha, 31, in 2016, hoping to have a “grandson to play with” in their retirement years.

Parents claim that they paid for an exuberant wedding party at a 5-star hotel, a luxury car valued at US$80,000, and a honeymoon abroad.

“My son has been married for six years, but they are not planning to have a baby yet. At least if we had a grandson to spend time with, our pain would be bearable,” Prasad said.

The couple’s lawyer, AK Srivastava, told the newspaper The National that the couple demand the money for “mental cruelty” suffered.

It is every father’s dream to become a grandfather.. They have been waiting for years to be grandparents,” the lawyer said.

The couple’s lawsuit, filed in the city of Haridwar, is scheduled for a court hearing on May 17.

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