The cover of the PERFIL Journal for Saturday, August 6, 2022

The lack of definition regarding the possible appointment of the economist Gabriel Rubinstein as Deputy Minister of Economy, accompanying Sergio Massa, and the tension that this arrival would create with sectors of Kirchnerism, are analyzed in today’s edition of Diario PERFIL, an issue that is again accompanied by 6 supplements: El Observador, Shows, Buenos Aires Times, Windshield, Marie Claire and joker more Crossword.

Below we offer a review of the main titles of number 1,743 of PROFILE, from this Saturday, August 6, 2022:

Official uproar over Massa’s attempt to appoint an anti-K deputy minister. The possible arrival of the lavagnist Rubinstein as second incited the internal ones even more. There are also tensions over the succession in Energy, which has not yet been confirmed. Trade threatened with greater controls on prices and imports. Dollar, bonds and the rest of the markets closed a week with moderate increases. l Inflation for July is estimated to have a record low of 8%.

Does it come or does it not come? Criticism of the Government of the postulated macroeconomic chief, Gabriel Rubinstein.

In the way. Yesterday, Alberto F and Massa shared in Santa Fe the first act after the assumption in Economy.

Vialidad: Prosecutor Luciani involved Máximo Kirchner in his accusatory argument.

Fontevecchia report. To the “nobel” of neurosciences, the Frenchman Stanislas Dehaene: “We make no distinction between cognition and emotion.”

Belsunce went against Pachelo for the crime.

Two dead due to tragic river shock in the Delta.

Bombing of Gaza. There were at least 15 dead, including a leader of Islamic Jihad, due to an Israeli attack on the Palestinian region.

Velez vs. City. The Liniers club and the Buenos Aires government blame each other for the ambush against Talleres fans in the Libertadores.

Music stars make it to college. Figures analyzed as business models: Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Madonna, Kanye West, Beyoncé, BTS, among others.

They write in this edition:

Roberto García, Fara, Balza, Bargados, Haime, Argüello, Ares, Asturias, Frydman, Meguira, Raimon, Schvartzman, Berchi, Rottemberg, Hopenhayn, Kohan, Giampaolo, Guebel, Link, Spregelburd, Domínguez, Genovese, Colombo, Nieva, Corsalini , F.Escudero, Froidevaux, Rubio, Izaguirre, G.Martínez, Kavanagh, Mozetic, Ziblat, Ayerdi, Gallo and Fontevecchia.


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