The cover of the PERFIL Journal for Sunday, May 8, 2022

Below we offer a review of the main titles on the cover of the 1,718 edition of the PERFIL Newspaper, this Sunday, May 8, 2022:

CFK wants to govern from Congress. It will seek to condition the economic course with its own projects. The vice president understood that Alberto Fernández will not part with Minister Martín Guzmán and, without a dialogue table between the Executive and Legislative Powers, she will try to redirect the progress of the economy with initiatives from the Kirchnerist caucuses.

The President leaves tomorrow for an impromptu tour of Europe.

Having lunch with Mauricio. Yesterday Macri gathered JxC leaders in his fifth to entertain Vargas Llosa and Álvarez de Toledo. Without talking about the internal one, he continues to strengthen his figure in the opposition coalition.

Report from Fontevecchia, to Esteban Bullrich: The crack is a decision”.

April inflation would remain close to 6%. Prices do not yield, according to private consultants.

Only 16% finish high school on time.

Lula goes in search of a new mandate.

Cegetist internal. The noise in the ruling party also replicates in the workers’ central, which is aligned with the Government, but asks for more “decision”.

Bariloche reloaded. It wants to return to being the stellar destination for graduates and aims for a good winter season.

bloody rosary Another triple crime with a narco imprint shakes the city, now it was that of a couple and their six-year-old daughter.

To not forget. The photographer and the postman: the crime of Cabezas, about the murder of the reporter from Noticias, in 1997, premieres on Netflix.

Racing-Aldosivi, the first confirmed quarterfinal crossing.

They write in this edition:

Nelson Castro, Roberto García, Duran Barba, De Angelis, Costa, Riorda, Beliz, Sinay, Heller, M. Leibe, Roig, Medina, Barros, Bianco, Petrarca, Bellotti, Piro, Isola, Arabia, Ríos, Quintín, Tabarovsky, Lloret, R.Loredo, G.González, Raimon, L.Pinto, Colombo, Ise, Galán, Corsalini, F.Escudero, Quintá, G.Martínez, Kavanagh, Ziblat, Ayerdi, Calvo and Fontevecchia.


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