A controversial ruling deprived Yamil Peralta of a fair victory against Canadian Ryan Rozicki

If an unsuspecting person had not watched the fight and had tuned in to the images that came from Canada at the end, by the appearance of both contestants there would have been no doubts about who was the winner of the fight. On the one hand, the Argentine Yamil Peralta he smiled, hugged, gesticulated, with a clean face after ten rounds; for the other, Ryan Rozickilocal, wandered as if resigned, his face numb and full of signs of what it was a real beating. The Canadian’s corner looked disenchanted, as did the local TV commentators, for what they foresaw was a certain defeat for the one who was fighting almost around the corner from his house and had the whole party prepared in the ring at the Center 200 Stadium in Sydney. , New Scotland.

However, there was one important detail: the World Boxing Council’s international cruiserweight title was at stake and the three jurors in charge of ruling were from Nova Scotia. And the presumptions and bad thoughts had their correlate at the time of reading the cards (which, by the way, had a striking delay): only one gave Peralta the winner (95-94); the other two favored Rozicki by one and three points, respectively.

The gesture of disbelief of the Argentines was palpable, while the Canadian raised his arm almost reluctantly, knowing that he had been served a dish on a tray that he did not deserve. While these surreal scenes were taking place, Peralta’s handler, Mario Margossian, was seen in the ring, declaiming with gestures and some insults towards the organizer of the fight, Daniel Otter, president of Three Lions Promotions.

The culminating point came at the time of the declarations, when Rozicki himself recognized that Yamil Peralta deserved to have been favored by the ruling. “I could have won on the cards, but I think he beat me,” said the Canadian, who through his Instagram account was full of praise for the Argentine: “I take my hat off to Peralta. He outplayed me most of the night, but I had a hometown decision. I did my best, but he followed a perfect fight plan and neutralized me with high level boxing. He is one of the best in the world and it was an honor to share the ring with a tremendous boxer. Congratulations to @peraltajara”.

There are controversial flaws in boxing and there will continue to be. However, such was the absurdity and so evident what had happened that the World Boxing Council did not hesitate to intervene quickly. Through a statement issued by its president, Mauricio Sulaiman, the annulment of the ruling was ordered, the title was vacated and a new bout with neutral juries was ordered.

“I, President of the WBC, spoke directly with Daniel Otter, President of Three Lions Promotions, and he has confirmed that his company, himself and especially Ryan Rozicki himself agree with the WBC’s decision after reviewing all the facts. The World Boxing Council hereby confirms the following:

– The WBC International Cruiserweight Championship remains vacant.

– An immediate rematch will be ordered on the condition that a completely neutral panel (not from Canada or Argentina) sanction the rematch fight.

– The rankings committee will not consider the result in its evaluation for the official rankings in May.

“The WBC wishes to recognize the great fight made by Yamil Peralta as well as the great effort of Ryan Rozicki. The sportsmanship shown by both sides, especially the honorable action of Rozicki, who raised Peralta’s hand after the result was announced, confirms that boxing is a great sport, of honor and fair play. We are committed to security but also to fairness”, is what the statement signed by Mauricio Sulaiman says.

A controversial ruling deprived Yamil Peralta of a fair victory against Canadian Ryan Rozickihttps://twitter.com/closetothering

Otter, organizer of the fight, told a local newspaper that the rematch will take place on October 15 at the Center 200 in Sydney, although this information was not confirmed by the World Council.

Peralta, 30, developed a fruitful career as an amateur: he was twice a competitor for Argentina in the Olympic Games. Pan-American medalist and also at a world level, he made the leap to professionalism in 2018, and before Rozicki he was undefeated and had his 14th fight. After the decision of the WBC to annul the scandalous ruling, Peralta continues with his unbeaten record of 13 victories ( 6 by KO) and maintains the 10th position in the cruiserweight ranking of that organization, a category in which the Congolese Ilunga Makabu reigns.

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