The dealer was captured, who may have given drugs to Krisztián Berki

As is known, the circumstances of the death of the media star, who died on the morning of May 6, are being investigated by the police in the course of criminal proceedings after a drug suspect was found in his home. According to, cocaine and marijuana were also present at the scene.

Upon contacting the portal, the BRFK informed that due to a suspected drug trafficking offense on May 6, in proceedings brought against an unknown perpetrator detectives

On May 10, a suspected drug dealer was arrested in Vecsés, who was arrested after his interrogation and initiated his arrest.

The 42-year-old man’s home was seized with a gross 50 grams of cocaine and marijuana, as well as drug-contaminated devices, digital media, and two high-value passenger cars as part of property insurance. THE According to his information, a 48-year-old man from Budapest was also interrogated in the ongoing proceedings due to a well-founded suspicion of possession of a drug – marijuana, cocaine-contaminated items and performance-enhancing drugs were seized from him. The portal knows further suspicions are expected in the case.

The cause of the death of the media star, who died Friday morning, has not yet been officially announced by the authorities. Despite the criminal proceedings for the drug suspect found in his apartment, Krisztán Berki’s mother ruled out the possibility of his son taking drugs when his little daughter was with him.

(Cover image: Krisztián Berki. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Velvet)

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