The death of Internet Explorer: tomorrow the classic Microsoft browser stops working

Confirmed tomorrow final farewell to internet explorer. The browser that microsoft launched 25 years ago will stop receiving support from June 15, just as the American company had anticipated. The move gives absolute prominence to the browser Edgewhich is based on Chromium, the same code used by Google Chrome.

Goodbye to Microsoft Internet Explorer: 5 facts you need to know

  • Internet Explorer (also known by its acronym, IE) runs away from the web scene after a journey of 25 years: the software It debuted in Windows 95.
  • “The future of Internet Explorer is in Microsoft Edge”, they had indicated from Microsoft, explaining a change that stirred for several years. As we noted in TN Techno in the announcement made a year ago, Microsoft was “putting nails” in IE’s coffin. The farewell was gradual: the browser stopped having support on the Teams platform, the same in the 365 environment and even some pages that were opened in Explorer directed directly to Edge.
  • Microsoft justified the jump to Edge for security reasons and “compatibility with older and legacy websites and apps from other programs.” The new browser “has the internet explorer modeso it is possible to access those old IE-based websites and applications from Edge ”, explained the company responsible for the program.
The death of Internet Explorer: tomorrow the classic Microsoft browser stops working
  • The Redmond-based company has been trying to get users to ditch Explorer for more than five years. Edge was released in 2015 and began to displace Internet Explorer, now with confirmed farewell. Microsoft has since encouraged companies to ditch the outdated browser in favor of Edge and the aforementioned “IE mode.”

An additional fact to keep in mind: Internet Explorer mode within Edge will remain active until the year 2029according to documents Microsoft support.

3 facts about Internet Explorer

  • The browser was released in the year 1995 as part of the Plus! on Windows 95.
  • It was one of the most popular web browserswith a share peak of 95% between 2002 and 2003. It was then overshadowed by other proposals, mainly by Google Chrome.
  • Its latest version is number 11.

Edge grows in the browser sector

According to StatCounter data, Microsoft Edge is the second most popular browser on desktop devicesleaving the Apple program in third place.

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Google Chrome continues to comfortably lead, with a share of over 66%. In fourth place is Mozilla Firefox (7.8%), with a decline compared to its performance in previous months.

The death of Internet Explorer: tomorrow the classic Microsoft browser stops working

The picture is different on mobile, where Microsoft Edge has a small share. On those teams, Chrome dominates with more than 64% and Safari for iOS has a share of close to 25%.

Adding all platforms, Microsoft Edge remains in third place with 4% share. Chrome leads with more than 64%, followed by Safari with 19%.

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