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They landed together like Alberto Fernandez’s squires, far from the radius of Kirchner’s widow. A internal triumph of the president: he wrote the two new officials as his own when the common people consider him a whipper of Cristina’s, without even the authority to call the coffee grower.

But debut of both has been inauspicious: a Daniel Scioli in Production he has to cool down the economy (by building walls to imports when he dreamed of hyperactivity to sell hope and work) and Agustin Rossi He had to declare without intelligence from an organization that specializes in that area about the landing of a marginal plane. Bad start.

From the “bad Russian” Matías Kulfas to the cellophane man Daniel Scioli: Cristina does not beat Alberto

Especially for the last ambassador in Brazil, who assumed with the expectation of becoming the presidential heir to the ruling party, in being the fusion of a traditional Peronism and a youth camperista without a digestible candidate. A Scioli almost natural or forced. This is how he looked from Brasilia, oblivious to the skirmishes, squaring up with “loyalty” to his brother from the Casa Rosada, falling in love with Martín Guzmán and trying to get closer to an elusive Cristina. He made an effort and, despite the fact that he did not answer the phone, he managed to see the Vice in the Senate. “I was always yours” is a common phrase in politics. Also accept the oath.

I planned to continue on that course until the 2023 competition. However, I Alberto called to bury himself in the government mud and his destiny changed: he stopped listening to the loudspeaker of his voice, he preferred the omnipotent temptation of his mirror, believing that the top scorer can do anything.

Serge Massa. Illustration by Pablo Temes.

It seemed that his biggest problem was finding a school for his daughter, but before assuming it he already stumbled upon Sergio Massa, who was upset with his promotion due to old misfortunes. Alberto managed to alleviate the annoyance with the promise to settle accounts on the last shared flight to the United States. Until now, as they say in the neighborhood, it seems that he fixed it with the trip. Although anger at ingratitude persists. Y from the pre-boarding “I’m going to leave you alone” today passed to the eventual resignation at the head of the Chamber of Deputies, as if Massa wanted to get off the Alberto-Guzmán-Scioli train. The null revenue of following that trail should be considered if, as he believes, it finally fails. The current data of the economy grant him reason.

The paradox of Cristina and Macri

So as not to be a source of disagreement, Scioli offered locations in his new area. And Alberto, as always, delays in ruling on other aggregates. He wants to know how far the flood reaches: although he discovered that his strength lies in the fact that no one can kick him out, they stop at the abyss, nor is he allowed to go to Colón in shorts and flip flops. For the first time he heads cabinet meetings to test opinions and show that he rules over rumours. While, Massa —in alleged marriage with Cristina— aspires to much more than minor positions and also promotes figures (Martín Redrado, is one case) as alternatives for a second semester in which the government cannot pay salaries, as many imagine.

To find a metaphor for the crisis. It is therefore considered that July may be the month of transition for the initiatives of the head of the Chamber of Deputies. Surely it will be for Redrado: on that date he gets married. On the other hand, the economist swears that no one consulted him, not even for a technical report. Even so, Pesce’s heads are affectedsupported by the entire banking system, and a Guzman who speaks to businessmen as if he were a high school teacher and his students in need of his advice.

Alberto Fernandez and Agustin Rossi.

Scioli swore already splashed by the intrigues, the management becomes pasty. And, the worst, the future as an applicant. Like Rossi in the AFI, although in this case he himself forced himself to go down to the fifth basement with the ridiculous statement that the landing of the Venezuelan and Iranian plane was an aeronautical driving experience. Too childish for someone who was Minister of Defense: another who thinks he’s handsome when he looks in the mirror. He speaks if he had emerged from the baptismal water when the arrows are already raining down on him in case he appears accompanied by his cousin, with whom in certain spheres they are known as the “Siamese”.

That brand new misintelligence revealed from the new position indicates that in the Administration only suitable subordinates work, sometimes, like that girl who one day in Ezeiza decided to inspect an Enarsa plane that was bringing Antonini Wilson and 800 thousand dollars of contraband, of obvious bribery or bribery in the first stage of Cristina Kirchner’s government with Alberto Fernández as chief of staff. A Customs employee, not Intelligence, who warned about the suspicious arrival of that contingent and, in parallel, of the then President Hugo Chávez, who went to the Casa Rosada together with Antonini Wilson for a great reception given by the Santa Cruz couple. It was the day that she spoke acknowledging the formidable task of her putative son, Jose Lopez, together with the government of Venezuela. The scandal had not yet broken out, Antonini had not escaped to Uruguay and the public TV recordings that recorded that historic day had not been lost either. A pity the official loss of that record, of the video, since deleting them as the government did, will not prevent remembering the record of that episode.

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