The Federal Police arrested the man with the megaphone by order of Judge Manuel de Campos
The Federal Police arrested the man with the megaphone by order of Judge Manuel de Campos.

A man accused of threatening Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during a protest in front of the Instituto Patria on the afternoon of July 21 last was arrested this Friday by the Argentine Federal Policepolice sources reported.

The criminal prosecutor Leonel Gómez Barbella had requested the arrest of judge handling the case, Manuel de Camposwhom he also requested to summon an agent of the City Police who was in charge of security at the scene that day, judicial sources informed Télam.

Gómez Barbella acts as prosecutor in the framework of an ex officio complaint filed by his colleague Mónica Cuñarro and that was raffled off in the De Campos court.

The arrest, which was made federal agents of the Department of Intelligence Against Organized Crimewas made for the alleged crime of “aggravated coercive threat”.

Thanks to the investigations, the police officers were able to determine that the wanted man is a 64-year-old Argentine and was hiding at the “Titan” hotel located at 3,100 Moreno Streetof the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In this way, with the evidence provided by the investigators, the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 5 in charge of Manuel Arturo De Campos, ordered the search of the place where the notification of the investigated was achieved and the kidnapping of a cell phone, four flash drivesposters used in the demonstrations and a white medical shirt, which he was wearing on the day of the event under investigation.

During the raid they seized various pieces of evidence Photos PFA
During the raid, various pieces of evidence were seized (Photos PFA)

The personal elements of the accused man remained in police custody and at the disposal of the intervening magistrate in the case entitled “threats.”

In the opinion sent to Judge De Campos, the prosecutor considered that there are elements to maintain that “social disorders were incited by shouting on public roads by expanding their serious threats through a megaphone towards the Vice Presidenthis son and his supporters”.

“The defendant threatened to alarm or intimidate another, in the species to Dr. Fernandez de Kirchner, violating an evil dependent on all or part of his will,” added the prosecutor’s opinion.

In that sense, “the threat was appropriate to alarm or intimidate the Vice President, in terms of the appropriateness of the threat itself,” he said.

For the same incidents, the Patria Institute filed another complaint for “intimidation and threats” in the federal retirement courts.

The threats occurred on July 21 in front of the headquarters of the Instituto Patria
The threats occurred on July 21 in front of the headquarters of the Instituto Patria.

In her complaint, the prosecutor maintained that on the afternoon of July 21, in front of the Patria Institute, at Rodríguez Peña 80 and “while a group of people were demonstrating in the street”, the now accused “uttered through a megaphone repeated threatening, serious and intimidating phrases to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner with the clear purpose of making her abandon her duties as Vice President,” according to the text to which Télam had access.

In the complaint, the prosecutor explained that everything happened in front of at least two members of the City Police.

The agents “despite those intimidating phrases, not only did they not stop the flagrant action giving intervention to the national prosecutor on duty” but with one of them he had “a talk of prior knowledge.”

The accused “saluted with a fist” to one of those policemen and then continued with the threats through the megaphone, the complaint added.

“These events, in my opinion, constitute the crimes of coercive threats, which ideally concur with each other and in turn with the crime of public intimidation,” said the denouncing prosecutor.

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