The details of the piquetero march against the adjustment that will arrive in the City on Thursday

The national table of Piquetera Unit (UP) begins this Tuesday in Ushuaia and La Quiaca the call federal march “for work and salary against hunger and poverty”, which will arrive on Thursday in the city of Buenos Aires. While referents of the space are concentrated at each point from early on, the head of the Polo Obrero, Edward Bellibonigave details about the climate in the northern city, where he is located, explained what the itinerary of the mobilization will be and recalled his main claims.

In dialogue with the 990the social referent commented after 7: “Today the march begins here and in Ushuaia, hence the reference. The compañeros and compañeras are already meeting and the truth is that it’s very emotional. Everyone is arriving here, the leadership of the Piquetera Unit, well-known and well-loved comrades, so that the caravan also symbolically starts from here, from where a bus will leave and we will go to Jujuy.”

Next, the head of the Polo Obrero, a space that is part of the UP together with leaders of the MTR-Votamos Luchar, the CUBA-MTR, the National Piquetero Bloc, the Armando Conciencia Group and the November 17 Organization, the MTR Teresa Rodríguez , a fraction of the FOL and the Territorial Movement (MTL-Rebelde) -among other sectors-, indicated what will be the route they will take from La Quiaca to arrive in the Argentine capital.

“We will have an act here and we will leave early to San Salvador de Jujuy; from there we go to Tucumanfrom there to Cordova and then all the caravans will meet at different points and we will arrive in the city of Buenos Aires on Thursday. Between 12 and 14 we are going to be there,” said Belliboni.

After that, he added: “We are making this enormous sacrifice. Many people are gathering in La Quiaca and throughout the country. In Tierra del Fuego it is getting degrees below zero and they are meeting to go to the Plaza de Mayo to say that this is not going to happen, because they are taking everything… the Fund is taking everything. There are people who are doing very well, there are agricultural producers who sell in dollars and take basic necessities to a situation that is unattainable for the workers. It just can’t be, We can’t go on like this.”

In another part of the interview, Belliboni was asked about the absence of Alberto Fernandez in the country on the day of the march as a result of the presidential tour that he leads in Europe. So, he described the trip as a “chance” and observed: “Inflationary indices are also announced casually or not so casually., which are very high. There is talk of an average increase of 6% and 9% in food.”

In line with the scenario outlined, he complained about those who question the presence of pickets in the City but do nothing to solve the problems of the workers.. “There are people who take care of the method and not the substance. They see the fever and not the disease. We have to emphasize what the claim is, ”she said, and then delve into the main reasons for the mobilization.

“This march has as its first point work and salary, which is being a brutal adjustment variable against workers in Argentina. Two other slogans are the claim against hunger and poverty: in a food-producing country we cannot resign ourselves to hunger. we can’t go on like thisclearly”, he emphasized and added: “We have to focus on solutions and on those who have the responsibility of governing today to solve the problems that a nation has. hard hit population.

Based on the seriousness of the crisis, Belliboni highlighted as novel thatand “there are many sectors of the labor movement” that are joining the march. “They are important sectors, state workers, tire workers, the railway union, the recovered Zanon factories,” he listed.

Finally, he reproached that in politics “Many employers are listened to and little to the claims of the workers”. “This also happens because the workers’ unions look the other way. What we are doing should be done by the unions”, he stated and stressed that even so “Many comrades are meeting throughout the country and what counts is that, the claim for an adjustment that is hitting us hard.”

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