The woman was missing for 10 days.  (Photo: Zonal)
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The man arrested by femicide of Susana Cáceresthe woman who was raped and murdered last Friday in Moreno, denied having anything to do with the crime. The suspect was arrested after a security camera captured him at the place where the body was found. However, he assured that his truck was parked near that area because he had problems with the car’s wheel.

This is Ramón Rosa Lescano, who this afternoon testified before the prosecutor Luisa Pontecorvo, accused of the crime of “triplely aggravated homicide.” In his inquiry, Lescano explained that he doesn’t even know the victim.

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However, he admitted that the black Renault Duster van that was filmed by a security camera is his. It was recorded in the hours prior to the discovery of the body on the side of the Camino del Buen Ayre, near the scene where the body was found.

The woman was missing for 10 days. (Photo: Zonal)

The man acknowledged that although it is his shot, he commented that he had to stop there for about 40 minutes because suffered vehicle trouble. In this sense, he indicated that once he was able to solve them, she withdrew. “I was parked there all that time because I had a flat tire, I have nothing to do with that crime”, said Lescano, as reported by the outlet Close Up Online.

After the investigation, the prosecutor requested the formal arrest of the defendant. Meanwhile, the investigators await the results of the alleged blood samples that were taken from the suspect’s Duster truck, to determine if they correspond to Cáceres.

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In addition, they expect expert reports on knives who were kidnapped from Lescano’s house. This is with the intention of establishing if any of them was used to cause the victim the cuts on the thorax.

Prosecutor Pontecorvo also charged Lescano with the crime of “aggravated robbery”, since her fanny pack was found next to Susana’s body, but without any of her belongings, according to a judicial source revealed to telam. ”Everything suggests that Susana had money in his possession for the sale of some of his household appliances, which he had completed hours before his disappearance. His identity document was not found either, ”said the same person.

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On the other hand, investigators are still looking for two other suspects who may have participated in the crime. Lescano is a man who has records for different crimes. Among them gender violence, illegal possession of a weapon of war, cover-up and one for resistance to authority.

The video of the Renault Duster truck that spent several minutes in the area where the body later appeared. (Photo: IDD)

The autopsy on the body of Susana Cáceres

The result of the autopsy indicated that Cáceres suffered a period of agony and that she was sexually abused. In addition, that he had multiple injuries to his chest, that he suffered head trauma, and that the date of death is between 7-10 days prior to the discovery of the body.

Therefore, investigators believe that the place where the body was found is a secondary crime scene. That is they killed her elsewhere and that he or the murderers went to throw the body where they later found it in the middle of the pastures.

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The identification of the victim, carried out by relatives, was achieved based on a tattoo with the logo of “Chevrolet” and another of “AC/DC” that the woman carried in her arms. Also because of her clothing, which was the same one she was wearing on November 8, when she left her house in Villa Trujui for the last time.

The search in this area of ​​the Ituzaingó party was carried out hours after the police raided two homes. One of them was the house of Alejandro Alberto Peralta, ex-partner from Cáceres, who is detained for the possession of a 45-caliber weapon with the numbering filed, although not for the crime.

The detainee for the femicide of Susana Cáceres denied the accusations:

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