The DGII initiates a Special Tax Training Program for 127 students from Haina

The General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) began this Friday the Special Tax Training Program for 127 students of the Professional Technical Modality of the Polytechnic Center of Excellence Professor Melba Báez de Erazo of the municipality of Haina, San Cristóbal.

The announcement was made during an act in the study center, headed by the Director General of the DGII, Luis Valdez Veras, who urged students to take advantage of educational training spaces to eradicate violence and bad examples that predominate in society.

“Learning is continuous, constant and permanent. Take advantage of the opportunities as I did so that you can direct the destiny of the country, but, above all, put passion into what you do”, expressed Valdez Veras.

He said that what generates wealth, development and combats poverty in a country are not jobs in the public sector, but jobs in the private sector.

Likewise, he highlighted the educational programs on tax matters that are developed in the DGII.

On the other hand, Valdez Veras highlighted the fact that in Haina the first companies that work with high technology are installed in the free zone sector with products designed for the health, energy and other sectors.

“In this municipality are the free zones that export technological materials and electrical connectivity to other countries of the world, with the latest generation technology system,” said the official.

Likewise, the center’s director, Crisoria Dovil Cedano, He expressed that the program comes to improve the quality of Dominican education.

“This is a program never seen before in our municipality, which the Professor Melba Báez de Erazo Center of Excellence is a pioneer in and we thank the DGII for taking us into account for such an initiative,” Cedano pointed out.

Meanwhile, Luz Castro, in charge of the Department of Tax Education, stated that with the training, high school graduates acquired tools to enter the labor market. She said that the idea is to replicate the program to other educational centers.

About the program.

This is a program that will contribute to the performance of students who have completed the Professional Technical Modality in Administrative and Tax Management, Commerce and Marketing, as well as broaden their knowledge for their future insertion in the labor market.


This educational training consists of eight modules that include topics such as the Dominican Tax System, main taxes, steps to set up businesses, money laundering, special regimes, Electronic Billing, Tax Receipts and Virtual Office.

It should be noted that this initiative is part of the Institutional Strategic Plan that contemplates reinforcing tax education and social awareness actions, in order to promote training in the values ​​associated with voluntary compliance and citizen responsibility.

The event was attended by Francisco Torres, Deputy Director General and Compliance Management; Eddy Arango, Cabinet coordinator; Carlos Reyes, manager of Strategic Communication; and Marleny Hernández, in charge of the Department of Public Relations and Institutional spokesperson.

Also in the activity were Pura Casilla, Governor of the Province of San Cristóbal; Victorina Sánchez de los Santos, Regional Deputy Director of Education, as well as collaborators from the DGII, the study center and special guests.

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