The dollar starts the week higher against the Mexican peso

Starting operations this Monday June 13, 2022the dollar is up 0.31% against the Mexican peso, with an increase of 0.06 pesos.

The American currency is trading this Wednesday at $19.72 pesos upon purchase and $20.21 pesos for sale at bank windows.

Year to date, the behavior of the dollar against the Mexican peso is down, with a decrease of 0.47 pesos and a percentage of 2.29%.

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From the maximum registered in June of last year to date, the dollar recovered 2.29%%, that is, -0.47 pesos

If the price of the dollar is considered from when Joe Biden takes office on January 20, 2021 to the presidency of the United States, it is presented on the rise with an increase of 0.35 pesos and a favorable percentage of 1.76%.

The dollar is one of the most important currencies, as it is considered universal, entering almost all economies of the planet.

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