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A beekeeper from Concordia denounced a millionaire robbery. Hector Daniel D’Ambros He saw in real time how they stole almost $3 million pesos by hacking into his bank account and stealing money online.

The victim explained: “It was a hack, every day in the morning my secretary checks the status of the accounts and when I get to the office I know how it is.”

“During Wednesday – at 8:15 a.m. – she entered the French Bank account as she normally does and When I was verifying the account, the computer went black and the screen changed”D’Ambros continued recounting.

The transfers they made from the D’Ambros account

After detecting the anomalous activity on the PC, the entrepreneur noticed that it started “to receive emails from the account that we have linked, with the three transfers that I did not make.”

According to what the victim expressed, “one of the transfers was for 925,000 pesos, another for 890, and one more for 840,000 pesos.” The secretary told him that “we could see online, in real time, how they were stealing our money”.

“They reported with all the data to which account, where my money was going,” added the businessman from Entre Ríos.


The victim of the robbery said that he made the corresponding resignation on the same Wednesday, the day the money was taken from his account. “The problem is that the bank did nothing, with its management of the Concordia branch, being that I am a lifelong customer; What’s more, I think I must be the oldest customer at Concordia and we all know each other here,” he complained.

In turn, he highlighted the work of Justice: “In two hours, the guarantee judge decided to block the three accounts that appeared in the transfers, in record time.” Although he explained: “The problem is that the judge ran into the same problem as me because all the 0800 numbers to report computer crimes at the bank were deactivated; they weren’t around, no one attended to him”.

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Outraged, he added: “I have not known what happened to my money for more than 35 hours, no one from the bank contacted me, I spent an hour to be attended to by the manager and he told me that they were finding out, in the 21st century and with all the technology “.

The businessman indicated that this type of robbery is taking place a lot in Concordia and that a significant amount was stolen from him: “I had to make several payments with that money; if you transfer the sum it is 10,000 dollars“.

D’Ambros announced that if the money is not returned, the bank will file a complaint.


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