The driver was seriously injured.

The accident happened about two kilometers from Velký Pěčín. “The driver did not adapt to the speed and nature of the road and so far, for unspecified reasons, she pulled off the road, gradually crashed into two trees and then the car overturned over the roof,” South Bohemian police spokesman Milan Bajcura told Práva. alone.

The driver was seriously injured.

Photo: HZS Jihočeského kraje

The completely wrecked car ended up in the field. The woman was conscious when a rescue helicopter arrived. “Rescue workers immobilized the driver with a vacuum mattress, provided venous access for pharmacotherapy and performed other necessary pre-hospital treatments,” the South Bohemian rescue worker described the intervention on her Facebook profile.

The driver, who suffered a very serious injury, was transported by paramedics to the trauma center of the České Budějovice hospital. The accident caused damage for 300 thousand crowns.

The car was severely demolished after the accident.

Photo: ZZS Jihočeského kraje

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