The Dutch far right opposes the arrival of unemployed from the French suburbs

“Young unemployed French people from the suburbs are welcome here to work”, headlined Tuesday, June 14 theAlgemeen Dagblad. “Minister Karien van Gennip (Labour and Social Affairs) suggests getting unemployed young French people from problem neighborhoods to work in the Netherlands. In the same way as young unemployed Spanish people. They could work in catering or in greenhouses,” continues the newspaper, in the introduction of an exclusive interview given by the minister.

“In France, there is a really high youth unemployment rate, especially in the suburbs. It is much stronger than what we know here. I could imagine that we invest in the French or for example the Spaniards who have dropped out of school, in order to make them work here”, says Karien van Gennip.

“Work allows you to find the right path”

“The idea is particular: the French suburbs are infamous for their high crime rate”, judge the daily. “We would import misery here, right?” he asks

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