This is how the plane remained inside the house.
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A scene of terror took place this Monday, November 21, in a house in the Belén Rosales neighborhood in Medellín, Colombia.

It was 10:14 in the morning when the air turned orange and a loud crash was heard.

Far from imagining that it was a plane crashed against a house, the residents of the place ran out before the explosion and the strong wave of heat. One of the inhabitants of the house near the explosion was able to see how a small plane plummeted onto his neighbor’s roof.

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“I felt when the plane went into a dive and the sound of the engine. Everything exploded and people started screaming and everything was orange. Windows fell out, there was debris, and everything was hot. I looked out and saw that there was a fire, I took the valuables and went out”, says Samuel Cuervo, a neighbor.

Although the firefighters arrived quickly and managed to put out the fire, the scene that was left behind the rubble of the plane operated by San Germán express was devastating. The six passengers and the two pilots died at the scene after the strong explosion.

This is how the plane remained inside the house.

/ Taken from Julián Vásquez

An hour after the accident, the names of the fatalities that were moving in the aircraft began to be known. Nicolas Jimenez, the manager of the San Germán company, which operated the flight, was in the plane and died along with Melissa Perezhis co-worker who held the position of commercial manager.

Antony Mosquera Blanquiceth, a native of Chocó, the department to which the aircraft that left Olaya Herrera was destined, also died in this incident along with Jorge Cantillo Martínez, Dubán Ovalle Quintero and Pedro Pablo Serna.

The two young pilots, both the captain and the co-pilot died on the spot. They responded to the names of Julián Aladino and Sergio Guevara Delgado.

Julián Andrés was very active on his social networks and through them he shared images of his work and his most important passengers, such as the footballer James Rodríguez.

Four hours after the accident they are removing the bodies.

Four hours after the accident they are removing the bodies.

/ Jaiver Nieto.

As reported by the mayor of Medellín, the pilot reported a technical problem in the plane and was going to return to the airport but did not make it there and that was when the accident occurred.

In a video captured by the security cameras of the place, he realizes how the plane was flying a short distance from the roofs and at one point it plummeted onto the roof and then exploded.

After this accident, the governor of Antioquia wrote on his Twitter about the discussion of “removing” the airport from the city and expanding the José María Cordova runway. “

Avoiding new air accidents in Medellín and the Metropolitan Area, like today and others in past decades, should encourage all of us to speed up the pertinent decisions for the second runway of José María Córdova and an alternate airport. UNITED for life”, indicated Aníbal Gaviria, governor of Antioquia.

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