The entire editorial staff of 168 Hours will be laid off

The dismissal of the editorial staff of 168 Hours was explained by Pál Milkovics, CEO of Michaeli, Schwartz & Brit Media Zrt. Media1 interest on Saturday. The CEO promises that the paper will continue to be published after the mass dismissal, after which the newspaper will be filled with content purchased from outside authors.

The layoffs at 168 Hours will affect about 15 people scheduled to announce this next week. Editor-in-Chief József Makai is also leaving voluntarily, as he does not agree with the structural change initiated by the CEO, the essence of which is that

they then order writings from outside authors and work on a page production with a non-fixed in-house editorial staff.

The newspaper has been making a loss for a long time

In the opinion of Pál Milkovics the operation of the paper would not be sustainable at the current cost level, as the newspaper has been making a loss for a long time, so cost cutting and optimization are needed.

From content purchased from outside authors, the CEO expects drastically reduced publishing costs. The online editorial staff of the paper has been working on its own for some time, so they are not affected by the current downsizing.

The publisher’s other product, Pesti Hírlap, also had redundancies due to the change to a weekly newspaper. The once-a-week publication is already done here in a new editorial structure, ie with external authors and orders.

(Cover image: Pál Milkovics. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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