The ex-husband of Evangelina Trotta, the Argentine murdered in Buzios, committed suicide in Brazil

The brutal crime of Evangelina Mariel Trotta shocked the Brazilian city of Buzios on April 22, where the Argentine businesswoman lived for many years and ran one of the main tourist car rental companies. Already at that time the police were looking for Trotta’s ex-husband, the Argentine Diego Fusaro, that he had been with her in those final hours and had escaped from Buzios after the crime.

The case seemed uneventful until the Brazilian police reported that Fusaro “He was found dead in a hotel in the town of Guarapari, in the neighboring state of Espirito Santo”, with a gun by his side in what would have been a suicide. The curious thing is that Fusaroa would have taken his own life on April 24, just two days after killing Trotta, and only this Friday did the Brazilian investigators make the matter official.

Fusaro had three children with Trotta, both of whom had lived in Buzios, the traditional beach resort in the state of Rio de Janeiro, since 2002. Trotta was found stabbed to death in her home, which was attached to her beach buggies rental business. although he also leased other series cars and his company was among the main ones in the city.

Who was the Argentine businesswoman murdered in Buzios and what is known about the crime

Police said Fusaro was found shot in the head at a hotel in Guarapari, Espirito Santo state, neighboring Rio de Janeiro state. Next to him was a revolver, and the scene was considered a suicide, which would close the investigation into the case, definitively framing it as suspected from the beginning, that of another femicide.

According to the police reconstruction, Fusaro committed the femicide and escaped in his ex-wife’s car to stay in Guarapari, Espirito Santo, where he used a false name. Two days later the hotel managers heard a shot and when they opened the door they found the Argentine dead, with a revolver lying next to him. The death was then reported to the Espirito Santo Police as suicide with a firearm.


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