The family of the murdered businessman in Los Cardales points to a traffic fight and asks for witnesses

The man shot to death a few meters from the country Los Cardales this Friday he was an entrepreneur, owner of a company for the manufacture and placement of aluminum openingsidentified as Patrick Glave, 44 years old. When they found the victim, they also found her belongings, so they believe that it was not a robbery.

So far, the researchers manage two hypotheses: it was a reckoning or one transit discussion that ended badly

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However, the family is leaning towards a traffic fight, as indicated in a statement.

The family statement

“Patricio Glave was unjustly murdered on May 6, 2022 on route 4 kilometer 4 (Av. Libertador San Martin), between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., 100 meters from the entrance of Los Cardales Country Club. Behind the violent death, nbreaks your heart, fills us with anguish and drives us to take the floor to tell our truth”, begins the text that they spread in the last hours.

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In reference to the versions that circulate about his death, they indicated: “In response to so much erroneous information that circulated and circulates, family and friends decided to communicate in the first person to transmit reliable information and demand clarification of the facts who ended Patri’s life in such a brutal way.”

And they added that “Patricio was 44 years old, he was a loving father and an independent worker. He is the fifth in a large family of six brothers, many nephews and grandchildren, working class and respectable. He spent his free time among his family and friends, within a healthy environment. He and a friend dreamed of setting up an aluminum carpentry. For which, with much effort, they managed to develop a workshop, in Escobarwhere together they dedicated themselves to the manufacture and placement of aluminum and PVC openings. An business that allowed to support the two families with dignityand little by little to make progress, despite the difficulties presented by the pandemic and the current economic reality.

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On the hypothesis of reckoning they explained: “I had no debts, no conflicting issues (legal, gambling, drug, or otherwise), he was simply a worker, like any other, who returned home at the same time and by the same route that he did every day, to reconnect with his family. Patri did not come to his house, violently snatched life on the roadwe believe that for a ridiculous traffic argument ”.

At the end of the statement they asked the people who have seen something who come to provide their information to the Bell IDD who leads the cause. “It is necessary that it be through that channel and not another, so that it helps in our search for justice. We appreciate allowing us, family and friends, to mourn in peace, respecting our privacy, and avoiding the publication of images and / or videos of sensitive content. And they ended with the hashtag: #JusticeforPatricio.

how was the crime

The murder occurred this Friday night, when the victim was returning from work and was surprised on Route 4, at the height of the Los Cardales country club, in Exaltación de la Cruz. That’s him path that Glave used to take to return from Silan Aberturas, the company he was running with a partner. Along the way it would have been attacked by two suspects who were driving in a white SUV.

Patricio Glave, 44, was the father of two daughters. They believe that his murder could be due to a settling of scores or a traffic fight (Photo: Courtesy Clarín).

The businessman was found by a police patrol, lying on the asphalt with two shots: one in the thorax and another at the height of one of the shoulders.

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a few meters from the body his gray Chevrolet Meriva was driving and with the lights on. Experts from the Zárate-Campana Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) kidnapped four served casings from a .22 caliber gun very close to the Meriva, and your cellphone.

The case was listed as “aggravated homicide”. The Investigation Prosecutor’s Office 2 of Campana intervenes, which took statements from family and friends of the victim.

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