The Brazilian team, with Neymar as leader, is emerging as one of the great protagonists
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The Qatar 2022 World Cup is also played in the world of betting in which millions of fans put their luck (and money) at stake based on what they believe or speculate that a selected team can do. The tournament runs until December 18 and since they qualified undefeated from the South American Qualifiers Brazil is the main candidate to win the title for what it demonstrates in each stadium and, also, for the figures it has to display it. His consecration pays up to 5.00.

In the list of 26 footballers marmoset had the luxury of not including Roberto Firminothe striker of Liverpool, which demonstrates the potential of the team. If they are Neymar, Vinicius Jr., Casemiro, Alisson Becker, Eder Militao, marquinhos Y Thiago Silvato name a few names from the Brazilian squad that will seek to cut the 20-year drought and stretch its advantage in history.

The Brazilian team, with Neymar as leader, is emerging as one of the great protagonists Andre Penner-AP

In the previous to the ecumenical appointment Argentina is the second highest candidate for the coronation with a payout cap of 6.50. His growth in forecasts, beyond the fact that he was champion of the Copa América 2021 and shone in the Finalissima with Italy at Wembley, It is related to the difficulties of England and France, teams that in the last year accompanied Brazil on the podium of favorites and were relegated in the weeks prior to the ecumenical event.

The French team was Brazil’s main threat for a long period, but the irregular walk in the last Nations League -he won a game out of five- made him lose the favorite for the World Cup. Added to this were the important casualties due to injury, being the most affected team. Didier Deschamps does not have N’Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba to defend the title in the Middle Easttwo midfielders who were decisive in Russia 2018, and neither Karim Benzemawho tore one of his legs in training in Doha days after his debut. His coronation has a maximum odds of 9.0.

Kylian Mbappé is France's main offensive card, after Karim Benzema's loss due to injury
Kylian Mbappé is France’s main offensive card, after Karim Benzema’s loss due to injury

Gareth Southgate’s England team fell from second to fourth place after being relegated to division B in the Nations League product of the fact that in group A3 they harvested just three points thanks to three matches and the same number of defeats. Their rivals were Italy, Hungary and Germany. Leadered by Harry Kane, his title in Qatar 2022 pays a cap of 10.0, the same as that of Spain. The Iberian team, got into fourth place in the bets -the highest position it has since it qualified- thanks, in part, to the fact that it advanced to the semifinals of the Nations League with a squad that is in full swing but gave guarantees of that can be the protagonist

Lastly, Germany is in the top 5 with odds up to 12.0. His pay increased in recent days as a result of not going through his best moment and in the last window of games he reaped a defeat against Hungary 1-0 and a match against England 3-3. To this was added the casualties of the injured Timo Werner Y Marco Reus.

If the betting forecasts are fulfilled, Brazil will achieve its sixth World Cup because it was already champion in Sweden 1958, Chile 1962, Mexico 1970, United States 1994 and Korea-Japan 2002. In two other editions he was a finalist: Brazil 1950 and France 1998.

Germany has a more disputed final -8-, but one less won. It was crowned in Switzerland 1954, Germany 1974, Italy 1990 and Brazil 2014 while it fell in England 1966, Spain 1982, Mexico 1986 and Korea-Japan 2002. Italy also gave four Olympic tours: Italy 1934, France 1938, Spain 1982 and Germany 2006.

Brazil is the most winner of the World Cup and the last trophy was lifted in 2002
Brazil is the most winner of the World Cup and the last trophy was lifted in 2002EFE

Further back in the count are Argentina, France and Uruguay with two tournaments each. The albiceleste touched the sky with their hands in Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986, while they were runner-up in Uruguay 1930, Italy 1990 and Brazil 2014. The French team kept the trophy in France 1998 and Russia 2018 and gave up in the definition of Germany 2006. Uruguay, for its part, won the editions of Uruguay 1930 and Brazil 1950.

Two countries have a World Cup. England got it at home in 1966 and Spain in South Africa 2010. Together with Uruguay, they are the only teams that have never lost a decisive duel.


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