Arshak Karhanyan is a policeman who has been missing for more than three years.
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Arshak Karhanyan is a policeman who has been missing for more than three years.

The legislators for the Frente de Todos (FdT) called on the Minister of Security of the City of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro, to clarify the cases of Arshak Karhanyan and Lucas González, in response to the criticism that The Buenos Aires official spoke to Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who referred to the security issue during the speech she made in La Plata on the occasion of Militancy Day.

The government official of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta “celebrated” in an interview with the Infobae portal that the former president “after having been in power for 15 years” referred to the issue.

The national deputy Leandro Santoro responded to the Buenos Aires minister through a message on his social networks in which he states that “what would be nice is for you to talk about the City Police who has been missing for more than three years,” alluding to Arshak Karhanyan.

“Because if 75% of the city is under video surveillance, it is striking that the cameras in Caballito (where the agent lived) are not working,” Santoro recalled in a text he posted on his Twitter account.

Karhanyan is a policeman of Armenian origin who has been missing for more than three years and his relatives denounced various irregularities in the legal case investigating his whereaboutsThe main one is that the City Police itself is in charge of investigating and carrying out expert reports.

In this sense, they warned about an alleged mistake made by experts from the City Police in which all the contents of the young man’s cell phone were deleted.

Arshak was last seen on February 24, 2019 Photo Víctor Carreira
Arshak was last seen on February 24, 2019. Photo: Víctor Carreira

The policeman was last seen on February 24, 2019 and according to recordings from security cameras in the area, that day, around 13, he received a visit from a colleague from the City Police, Leonel Herb.a, with whom he spoke for about 40 minutes at the door of the building where he lived, at 900 Directory Avenue, in the Caballito neighborhood.

An hour later he left his house, withdrew money from an ATM and bought a shovel at a branch of the Easy chain located a few meters from Rivadavia and Paysandú.

Meanwhile, the president of the Human Rights, Guarantees and Anti-Discrimination Commission of the Buenos Aires Legislature, Victoria Montenegro reminded D’Alessandro on social networks that “he is the only Minister of Security who has a missing policeman since the return of democracy”.

“I also remind you that the day of the City Police will be marked by the murder of Lucas (González), an innocent young man whose life was taken from him”wrote the legislator.

Montenegro alluded to the case of the young Barracas Central player, killed by members of the City Police who shot the car in which he was driving in December 2021.

Lucas was murdered by members of the City Police in December 2021
Lucas was murdered by members of the City Police in December 2021.

“It is curious that the minister is ironic with the 15 years in power when the macrismo governs the City of Buenos Aires for 15 years. And instead of the efficient and close police that they promised, we have espionage, political persecution and easy trigger”stated on Twitter the national senator for the City of Buenos Aires, Mariano Recalde.

The legislator punctually criticized the response expressed by the minister in relation to the murder of Lucas González, since he maintained that the City Police have “the most efficient and sophisticated internal control mechanisms in the entire country.”

“They are the ones who allowed us to immediately identify and arrest Lucas’s murderers”D’Alessandro had said when asked about this trigger-happy case.

In response, Recalde “reminded” him that one of the policemen accused in the murder of Lucas -named Gabriel Isassi-, “had participated in the attacks on Cristina in Río Gallegos” when he was already part of the Buenos Aires security force.

Lucas's relatives demand justice Photo Julin lvarez
Lucas’s relatives demand justice. Photo: Julian Alvarez.

“In 2016 Isassi traveled to Santa Cruz along with other City officers. They lied at the checkpoint. They said they were ‘on a walk’ and changed the version when they found a weapon. A few days later, the house of the parents of the (former president) Néstor Kirchner was attacked,” he recalled.

And he added that even so “Isassi continued in the ranks of the City Police.”

“Today he is prosecuted for the crime of Lucas González. And they still talk about ‘efficient and sophisticated internal control mechanisms,'” he criticized.

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