Map of the different columns that converge on Thursday the 12th in Plaza de Mayo (Source: PNSV)

This Thursday begins the third day of the federal piqueteros march which lasted three days and It will culminate with a great act in Plaza de Mayo. Dozens of social organizations claim the Government “for work and salary, against hunger and poverty.”

They will cut the Pueyrredón Bridge and there will be chaos at the Retiro and Once stations, headers from where they will march to Plaza de Mayo. In a megamobilization, it is expected that caravans from different parts of the country will enter downtown Buenos Aires around noon.

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“We hope that the Government takes note of the seriousness of the social situation”, agree in dialogue with TN several referents, who agreed on Monday with the Government that the Metrobus will be released and the buses in which they travel must park on the Costanera -and not in the 9 de Julio- to “try to have the best possible circulation within the framework of such a large mobilization.”

Unlike other mobilizations, this march includes the Piquetera Unit and hundreds of organizations, independent and militant unions. They remarked that the crisis is so serious that even registered workers also go out to claim because their wages are below the poverty line.

Three-day federal march: what do they claim

“The claim is against the national government who is making the adjustment after the agreement with the IMF and instead of fighting inflation it adds fuel to the fire”, assured the representative of the Polo Obrero in JujuySebastian Copello.

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For her part, the national coordinator of Barrios de Pie, Silvia Saravia, explained: “We do not see that the Government is going to give effective answers. We do not see them strengthening the SME sector, nor do we see them facing more massive initiatives to create jobs, such as a plan to create housing or public works. The request for salary has to do with recompose income, they are showing the deterioration of quality of life even for those who have a registered job”he pointed.

Who are part of the federal piquetero march

These are the social organizations that joined the federal march called by the Piquetera Unit:

  • Workers Pole – (Eduardo Belliboni)
  • Free-Foot Neighborhoods of the South – (Silvia Saravia and Humberto Tumini)
  • MST Teresa Vive (Monica Sulle)
  • Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL, former Aníbal Verón unemployed movement)
  • Popular Front Darío Santillán (Esteban Marciani, Martín Ferrari and Dina Sánchez)
  • MTR We Vote To Fight
  • Classist and Revolutionary Organization (OCR)
  • Cuba-MTR
  • Revolutionary Action Movement (MAR)
  • May 29 Movement
  • Federation of Grassroots Organizations
  • National Piquetero Bloc
  • Arming Consciousness Group
  • Rebel LTM
  • Resistance Front
  • William Cooke Center.
  • Coordinator for Social Change
  • Peoples Movement
  • Plurinational Current
  • Movement for Latin American Unity and Social Change
  • April 8 Movement
  • Federal Movement October 17
  • Various provincial trade union and social organizations.

The leaders of some organizations close to the Government decided not to join the march and confirmed that they will not appear. Nevertheless, its militants will be able to choose whether to join or not. This is the official current of foot neighborhoods, led by Daniel Menéndez, and Somos Barrios de Pie, led by Norma Morales, the Avoid Movement, Union of Workers of the Popular Economy, CTEP, MTE, La Dignidad Popular Movement, Classist and Combative Current, Martín Fierro Current and Land and Housing.

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Wave of pickets: there were 908 in April alone

According to the survey carried out by the Political Diagnostic Report, During April, 908 pickets were registered and positioned himself as second most conflictive month since 2009. It rose 12% compared to March, the month that had touched the record from 2013 to the present.

Protests were called “increasingly massive, frequent and nationwide”. The projection made by this survey determines that 2022 is on track to be the busiest year in history.

Map of the different columns that converge on Thursday the 12th in Plaza de Mayo (Source: PNSV)

Piquetero federal march: how will the route to Plaza de Mayo be?

Around noon the caravans from all over the country will begin to arrive in the City of Buenos Aires. Once there, three heads will be formed that will march to Plaza de Mayo. They are expected to enter the City between 12 and 14 this Thursday. It will be through Once, Puente Pueyrredón and Retiro.

  • The two NEA caravans will enter the Capital through the Retiro Station area. They will march through Leandro Alem, Córdoba, 9 de Julio and the Obelisk until entering Diagonal Norte.
  • The Cuyo region and the NOA will do it for the eleven station. They will gather in Plaza Miserere and march down Avenida Rivadavia.
  • The south and Mar del Plata will enter through Puente Pueyrredón.
  • Those who arrive in Constitución will gather along Avenida San Juan, march along 9 de Julio and Avenida Belgrano and will conclude their tour along Diagonal Sur.
  • After 2:00 p.m., all of them will converge in Plaza de Mayo, where a great closing ceremony will be held with speakers from all the participating organizations.

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